Finest and best-colored diamonds

The most beautiful gem across the world is the colored diamonds. People buy the already set colored diamond jewelry in specified designed to wear. The colored diamond is the gems that had got noticeable when looked in the face-up. The standard most acceptable diamond colors are the brown and the yellow-colored natural diamond. However, several other best-colored diamonds are used to make the finest jewelry in the world.


Here is the list of the finest and best-colored diamonds that you should consider if you want to make appealing jewelry.


Yellow diamonds

This is the most popular color of all colored diamonds. Its fancy yellow look makes the diamond classy as the fancy colors are rare to find. This then puts a diamond in the category of precious gems.


Brown diamonds

Like the yellow diamonds, this color is a rare colored diamond. They both exceed the Z when it comes to the color scale. In the past, people didn’t love brown diamonds, unlike today. They were usually used for industrial purposes only. With time, the celebrities, together with the treat setters, begun to wear brown diamonds. After that, the whole world followed suit.


Orange diamonds

The natural ones are rare to find since they are fine. Due to their exceptional rarity, only the desired collectors get a chance to have them. The color yellow is the combination of the red and yellow colored diamond. That means this orange-colored diamond ranges from red to yellow, orange colors.


Pink diamond

This is a very odd diamond gemstone. It is all because there is no explicit knowledge of how it attained its color. However, the most accepted idea is the enormous additional pressure that diamonds face during their formation. Dark pink is more valuable than a light pink one. They are fancier as per se.


Purple diamonds

This diamond looks more like a pink diamond. Their shade is a bit darker, which makes them rare than the already scarce color pink diamonds. This purple-colored diamond is the dram of every collector to possess.


Blue diamonds

Blue is the color of royalty, wisdom, and prestige. There are many existing blue gemstones, unlike blue diamonds. These acquire their color from the boron that is trapped in the crystal structures.


Red diamonds

These diamonds are unique in various ways. Just like the pink ones, there is no apparent cause for the red colored diamonds. Of all the finest colored diamonds, the red ones are the rarest.



Any of the above fancy colored diamonds are an excellent addition to your jewelry. In most cases, they come in combination, which makes the gem to pop. If you are in search of colored diamonds, consider buying any of the above-listed diamonds. Also, visit our online and contact the diamonds consultant for further information. These are among the topmost beautiful and best-colored diamond existing.


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