Finding Sobriety in Alcohol Treatment Centers in Arizona

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Getting into rehab gives you the best shot at lasting recovery and sobriety. You’ll need to determine which facility offers the treatment you need. Some of these strategies can help you figure that out, so you can decide where to go much sooner. 

Get Assessed by an Expert

Before you get into an alcohol treatment center in Arizona, get a physician or substance abuse professional to examine you. Recommendations for your treatment will be based on the results of that examination. After all, not everyone needs to enter a residential program. Some only need outpatient care. 

Look at Their Services 

Once you know if you require a 60-day stay in a facility or 90-day rehab, you can narrow down your options. Start looking at recovery centers that offer the treatments and services you need. If you have also developed a mental disorder, for instance, you must receive integrated treatment which addresses both your addiction and mental disorder. Any progress you make in treating your addiction will only be derailed if your anxiety or depression spirals out of control. 

Ask About Medication 

Do you want a rehab program that uses medication? Not everyone is. Some want to recover with using another medication to wean them off their drink of choice, fearing that switching to medication will only mean falling into a new addiction. Talk to substance abuse professional about it if you want to understand the risks of the treatment approach. Understanding how it works doesn’t mean you’ll have to use medication in your rehab program. However, it can help you see more clearly why other patients go with that approach and allow you to explore the range of options available to you. 

Consider Longevity 

Look for a facility that’s been around for years. The longer the treatment center has been around, the better. That means they’re doing something right if they’ve been at it for years and clients continue to trust them. There is something to be said for long-standing treatment centers. They usually have an excellent network or care system that allows them to look after their clients. 

Determine Reputation 

Take time to check the facility’s reputation. Look into the center’s background and history. With everything online these days, it’s also easier to check reviews and client feedback. Go over the reviews. Are there comments that stand out? Is the majority of the feedback positive? 

Luxury Isn’t Quality 

Look beyond the trappings. You don’t need to choose a rehab facility that offers a luxurious environment for patients recovering from addiction. Some of the best recovery centers offer spartan living arrangements. Learn to look beyond appearances and into what the program may offer you instead. 

Choose Tailored Treatment 

Addiction continues to be a problem in the United States. Many treatment centers have sprung up to answer the demand. But not all of these rehabs are equal. You’ll want to choose one that offers personalized care plans. Treatment that is tailored to your needs and situation can make a difference instead of one-size-fits-all programs.

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