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Before we dive into the discussion of what jobs are available near you, it is first important to know the meaning of “remote work”.

Even though remote work and home-based employment have already become a steady source of income for many families before the emergence of Covid19, the current situation in society has made it possible for such a term to be a common definition of modern work.

With the struggle to keep health conditions at bay and the economy at a good standing amidst all the changes that are happening, it can be understood how the change in working conditions have come to a condition that is most likely hard to ignore. Many families are now exploring the possibility of working at home while continuously serving the needs of the people they want to give assistance to.

The healthcare industry is among the organizations that needed to have a more stabilized condition especially in facing the hardships of the current healthcare situation in the global community.

Remote jobs have been among the most effective responses that the industry has put in place to support the rising need for workers who may not necessarily need to stay on-site to serve the needs of the industry. Remote work means that the individuals hired to do the job can complete their tasks at home or anywhere convenient for them to do so.  

Given that besides COVID19, there are other healthcare concerns that are spurring in different communities around the globe, the need for agents and skilled workers who can operate remotely is high.

Locum Tenens offers a list of some of the most needed remote job opportunities around the globe today.

Overnight virtual healthcare coordinator

The need to improve how the system operates even apart from the main healthcare facility is critical to resolving issues of scheduling. Overnight virtual healthcare coordinators work as healthcare assistants- tasked to accomplish duty scheduling, administrative tasks that will make the workflow in hospitals and other healthcare facilities smoother.

Applying for this job may not require that you have special medical training. Then again, it does require that you have proper administrative skills and can use basic digital tools to make your work more competent and dependable.

Remote Pharmacist Order Entry Assistant

Pharmacists are currently experiencing high pressure because of the need to respond to the massive demand for medications that respond to different forms of ailments alongside the rising dangers of Covid19.

Remote pharmacist order entry assistants can work from home as they enter inventory reports and record what specific medications needed to be replenished at a certain target date. Applying for this job may require that you have a fair background in pharmacy and have the right skills in handling basic office tasks using computer tools.

Remote Healthcare Software Creators

The need to reorganize how healthcare facilities are managed is critical during these times. This is why the creation of specifically designed healthcare software has become a trend.

Remote healthcare software creators are expected to respond to this demand. With the right computer engineering and information technology skills and the right understanding of the goals that the healthcare industry is focused on.

Covid19 Infection Prevention Response Team

Preventing Covid19 from spreading is critical to the safety of the communities that are affected by this pandemic. Finding a dedicated and skilled infection prevention response team is critical to this goal. Hence, the need for individuals who are willing to face the dangers of going outside and dealing with individuals who may present certain symptoms of the virus is important for those who want to apply for this position.

Remote Medical Service Representatives

Medical service representatives are expected to respond to emergency calls that come into medical emergency lines. Their services would require them to get enough information from the patients during a call and find the right facility and the right doctors to whom they would refer the patients. At the same time, they may also be asked to set the schedule for the check-up and send notifications to the doctor, the hospital facility, and the patient as well.

Our Recommendation

This is a specifically difficult time, and the changes are often hard to handle. Nonetheless, there is always a way out. Somehow, remote working options have particularly changed the condition by which negative thoughts have been implicated in industries that were thought to be in danger because of the rising scare and disability that the pandemic brings.

With job search platforms like Locum Tenens, finding a good job that can give you the chance to be part of the fight against Covid19 even when you are merely staying home can be fulfilling.

If you are a medical expert and you are thinking of offering your services privately, then you can check out this post on Should you have your own private practice or contact Locum Tenen now and be guided accordingly.


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