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Women love to accessorize with the trendy jewelry collection. It is not something new, but it goes way back when our grandmas adorned themselves with handmade jewelry. Today these pieces are still fashionable. Although some people wear jewelry as a symbol of social status, they add some elegance no matter what you have clad. 


Alex and company is one stop to find the perfect piece of jewelry that suits every outfit and every occasion. They have a vast stock of the latest jewelry such as bespoke that you can wear to an art gallery, everyday wear, or fine jewelry that you can pair with your elegant dress.


What’s trending

You will find a wide range of trending jewelry in various designs, shapes, and colors. Earrings are the top jewelry for women, according to some research done earlier.  Bigger is better is the trend, and round cut stones still reign. Fine jewelry like gold and silver are timeless, and that means they will never lose their place and status in the fashion world. The advantage of investing in these precious pieces is that they are durable. And when they break, jewelry repair such as soldering is quickly done for restoration.


Some of the design services you can go for include bespoke jewelry, chunky necklaces, and overlaying necklaces. All these are trends that you will find most jewelers working on to meet the client’s demands.


Art deco-style

The sterling silver earrings are composed of circles, spheres, and triangles. It includes hues of blue, white, and gold color. Overall, the jewelry gives an electric glow.


Pearls and diamond

Ask your jeweler to combine some small pieces of diamonds with a large pearl as a pendant. It is one of the trending designs that blend perfectly, bringing a classic and contemporary look. Maybe, you probably have these pieces in your jewelry collection as an heirloom passed from past generations.


Add a gem

A custom-made ring with a bezel setting can look this superb paired with a colored gem like this shown here.  Alex and company can offer this design service for your old piece and turn it into a stunning art décor like the one shown here.


Vintage halo ring

If you have a vintage ring in your collection, and you feel like giving it a contemporary look, restoration, and a little engraving, you can completely change it. 


Cross bib necklace

Cross bib is a necklace made of aluminum alloy with a metal setting. You can use experts to design similar metalwork for you. It is a unique style that the artist will have fun to actualize.


In conclusion, since all your outfits need accessories, you can get plenty of new jewelry with the latest design to perk up your clads with these. And if you go for fine jewelry like gold or sterling silver, ensure to get a jewelry appraisal and put them under insurance.  


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