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Fildena is the best answer for impotence difficulties! There are millions of men all over the globe who suffer from male impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction (ED). If you are one of these men, then you know why being impotent can be such a horrible nightmare for you. And one of the biggest reasons for this nightmare, would be the fact that you would not be able to have sex!

Why Do People Have Sex?

You may find this tough to believe, but in a study done, it was revealed that there are almost as many as 250 reasons why people have sex. Let us take a look at some of these reasons:


  • People have sex for pleasure.
  • As a sense of duty, some people would have sex.
  • To get exercise, is why some people have sex.
  • Some people have sex to have kids.
  • Just so as to boost their self-esteem, is why some people resort to love making.
  • For the sake of making money, is why some people have sex.
  • There are those people who have sex, because they are curious about it.
  • Some people have sex, because they are in love.
  • Many people have sex, just because they feel insecure.
  • There are some who have sex, just to get popular (Improve their social status!)
  • Some people just jump into bed with another person, as they are attracted to that person.
  • Just to boost their mood, is why some people have sex.
  • There are some people who have sex, just so that they can prevent their partner from going somewhere else to have sex.
  • Getting relief from stress, is another reason why people have sex.
  • There are some people who get into bed with others, purely for emotional reasons.
  • Just to seek revenge, is another reason why people have sex.
  • There are some people who desire the need for affection and that is why they have sex.
  • To show their gratitude, some people have sex.
  • Some people have sex, because of pressure being exerted on them.
  • There are people who have sex, simply because they feel that by doing so, they will be loved by their partner.
  • People also resort to having sex, due to spiritual transcendence.

As can be seen, there are just so many reasons, why people have sex. But, for whatever reason, you may desire to have sex if you are seeing in yourself, the warning signs of erectile dysfunction.

Fildena is used for treating erectile dysfunction. It’s an orally accepted medication comprising sildenafil citrate as the active ingredient that’s a Phosphodiesterase – 5 inhibitor.

This medication is beneficial to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men. It assists a person in reaching an erection and keeps it for effective physical, sexual intercourse.

How to Take?

It is necessary to take this at least 30 minutes before, but it is more effective if taken 1 hour before sexual intercourse. Don’t take more than 1 per day. Just take this pill at the dose and time as suggested by your physician. Swallow it as a whole tablet. Don’t chew, crush or break it. This Tablet will be taken with meals.

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