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Precautions of Using Fildena 100 mg

Fildena 100 is utilized in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction-It is among the most frequent sexual dysfunctions in males and is often characterized by the difficulty in maintaining and acquiring a satisfying erection. The erectile dysfunction can affect one or both the male sex organs. It can be caused by problems affecting the brain, vascular or hormonal factors. The erectile dysfunction is also termed as impotence. This treatment aids to cure this type of sexual problem.

The main ingredients in the Fildena 100 are sildenafil citrate and menthol. Menthol is utilized to help you get an erection. It also helps to reduce the swelling and soreness that usually occur with the erection problem. This medication is usually taken twice daily and works fast to get rid of your problem.


Use Fildena 100 mg (sildenafil citrate) in combination with your daily medications. To treat this problem you will need to have regular check up with your doctor. If you feel that your blood pressure is elevated or you have high blood sugar levels then you should consult with your doctor before taking the medication.

One of the main ingredients of this medicine is sildenafil citrate, which helps in increasing the blood flow to the penis and help in impressing your woman. This ingredient is also known to increase the strength of the erections and improve the sexual performance and pleasure of a male. Though the ingredient may help in increasing the blood flow towards the penis, but it has been reported that there are many people who have suffered from allergic reactions due to the presence of sildenafil citrate.


You need to follow the instructions given by your doctor carefully. You cannot overdose with this medicine. You will receive the correct dosage of Fildena 100 mg (sildenafil citrate) only if you follow the instructions given by your doctor. This medicine needs to be consumed in the proper dosage and you should not exceed the indicated dosage. If you take this medication in the wrong amount or for an extended period of time, you might experience adverse effects.

Dosage of Fildena 100 Mg

Fildena 25 Mg

Fildena 50 Mg

Fildena 120 Mg

Fildena 150 Mg

Fildena Ct 100 Mg

Super Fildena

Fildena XXX 100 Mg

Fildena Super Active

Fildena Professional 100 Mg

Fildena Double 200 Mg

Side effects

There are certain precautions that you need to take while using fildena 100 mg (sildenafil citrate). You need to follow the instructions given by your doctor properly. You can reduce the dosage as per the instructions given by your doctor, but you cannot increase the dosage without your doctor’s permission. The side effects caused by this product include diarrhea, vomiting, headache, increased heart rate and difficulty in swallowing.

How take to Fildena 100?

You should also avoid driving or operating heavy machinery after taking fildena 100 mg (sildenafil citrate) within 4 hours of taking this medicine. You must always remember to take the medicines on a full stomach so that the drug does not dissolve in the stomach acids and the stomach fluids. You should also not lie down for prolonged periods of time after taking this medicine.

Warning and perception

The other major component in this generic Viagra is L-tryptophan, which is responsible in producing nitric oxide, which improves the blood flow towards the penis. According to the reports, this medicine has helped many men to get rid of their ED problem. However, it is very essential for you to consult your doctor before consuming this medicine. He can guide you the proper usage of fildena 100 mg.


Currently, there are many generic names available for fildena 100mg. One of these names is generic Viagra. You must be aware of all the ingredients of the medicine before buying any generic Viagra. Make sure to buy it from a reputed and reliable source. It will definitely help you get rid of your erectile dysfunction.

When it comes to its side effects, no one can really predict whether the consumption of this medicine will lead to a negative or positive result. However, there are many people who have suffered from severe side effects, due to its consumption. If you want to buy fildena pills without any kind of problems, then it is suggested to consult your doctor beforehand. This is because he will be able to advise you the proper dosage of this medicine.

One of the most important tips that you should follow while taking fildena 100 mg is that, you must not take this medicine within a longer time. According to the reports, many people have reported their inability to take fildena 100 mg for three months. Also, you must be careful while increasing the dose or you may suffer from severe adverse effect. Usually, physicians prefer to recommend its intake after four to six weeks of continuous sexual intercourse. If your doctor suggests you take this medicine for three months then it is suggested to avoid having intercourse with your partner at least for four to six weeks.

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