Eyeliner For Round Eyes

October 26, 2021

Eyeliner for round eyes is an easy way to highlight the features of your eyes. The best part is there are no lines! The first thing you need to do is find a pair of eyeshadow that suits your particular eye shape and color. Using eyeshadow correctly can really improve your appearance.

There are many different ways how you can apply an eyeliner to enhance your eye shape. You can make the appearance of an elongated eyelid even more elongated by applying two dark shades that alternate along the center of your eye from the edge to the middle. This creates an exaggerated look, lengthening the appearance straight from the brow to the outer edge. If you have almond eyes, try this trick.


For people with wide set eyes, try an eyeliner that has a subtle shimmer or pearl finish. An eyeliner with glitter is better suited for those with wide set eyes. A pearl finish liner will look stunning on those with almond shaped eyes because of its pearls. A shimmery liner is also a great option. You can either buy pencil liners that have shimmer or you can purchase a liner that matches the shade of your pencil.

How to Apply a liner in the best way

The second way to apply eyeliner for round eyes is to use a very light application that does not draw too much attention to the eyes. To create a straight line with a high level of contrast between dark and light, apply eyeliner in the upward stroke along the outside corner of the eye. Then apply a feather duster across the entire upper lid. You can enhance the intensity by applying eyeliner along the crease line. If you want a softer look, then tap the tip of the feather duster against the cheek bone for some extra drama along the winged eyeliner line.


For those with semi-circular or almost oval shaped eyes, there are a few tricks that can make eyeliner for semi-circular eyes look less obvious. For one, use the uppermost lid as the base for the color. Then use the mid-point eyeliner along the outer edge of the lid. This will make your eyeliner appear to come from the lower eyelid instead of coming from the upper part of the lid. You can also create a more natural effect by curling the eyelids before applying the color. Curling the eyelids creates a wavy line from the outside corner of the eye to the inside corner.

Apply the eyeliner to the lower lid using a clean brush. This is a trick that some people seem to do when applying the eyeliner. Instead of applying it straight on the lower lid, they put a clean brush between their lower eyelashes and the upper lid to create the effect. It looks like the upper lid but the effect is that of the lower lid.


One other thing to keep in mind is to apply the eyeliner only on the lower lash line. Try your best not to blend the eyeliner into the upper part of the eye. The last thing you want to do is get an uneven look with the eyeliner. You can use a white or clear liquid eyeliner for this part of the eye; however, al paris and liquid eyeliners are the best choices for this area of the eye. In fact, al paris is the only type of liquid eyeliner that is specifically designed to be used on the lower lash line for a more natural effect.

Use of  Eyeliner for hooded eyes

For those with hooded eyes, there are a few different tricks to apply the eyeliner that work great. One easy way to draw attention to the outer corners of the eyes is to draw a thin line right outside of the eye at the outer corners using a white pencil. Then draw the eyeliner along that line. It will be easier to see where you are drawing the eyeliner if the light is coming from the sides.


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