Eyebrow Transplant: What You Need to Understand Before Getting One

Your hair may be your crowning beauty, but your eyebrows are what mark your eyes’ vision. Think not having them, and you may have nightmares imagining how difficult it is to show your face in public with that bit of, almost irrelevant part of your face missing. So, therefore, an eyebrow transplant is the best way to solve all your issues.

There can be many reasons how a person could fall his eyebrows. 

1. Extreme plucking of eyebrows.
2. Too many hair extraction methods like laser and threading to reshape the arch.
3. Injury to the frontal head.
4. Effects of some medical remedies like chemotherapy which slays even your healthy hair cells and follicles. No matter the cause, it is essential to regrow your eyebrow to evade getting too much unwanted attention from other persons.

Not all who had lost their eyebrows are candidates for an eyebrow transplant. This is only meant for people who had lost their eyebrows enduringly because of a disease, trauma, or toxic chemicals. People who temporarily fell their brows because of over plucking or with random shavings, waiting for them to get back, are a free stock.

Eyebrow transplantation is very much related to the system behind hair transplantation. Both intend to regrow what is lost but should have them in the most general and prompt ways.

Hair follicles under the skin are liable for making our hair grow. Each strand holds the nutrients required for the healthy growth of hair. In states where the hair follicles are destroyed, the only way to make them work again is to excite them to promote hair growth.

This kind of surgical method requires to be done by a surgical team that practices in eyebrow transplants. This is a very delicate way that will need the best abilities and experience to reach its success. To do this, hair strands, at least 350 of them, with the follicles intact, are taken from the patient’s head and are set at the area just over the eyes. The patient only wants to have local anesthesia used to the transplant area during the method. A flimsy swelling and bruising may arise on the skin under the brows. It usually takes three days to a week for the brows to fully recover and will require a lot of grooming and casting as those are head hair that leads to grow quicker, and you require to have a standard length of eyebrows. It should be assumed that a month after the transplant, your recently raised eyebrows will fall out. You should not freak out or let out any hard feelings, as this is standard. After that, new hairs will grow out of the new follicles that were fixed. The transplant site’s extreme accuracy should be prioritized as no one would want to have amusing, uneven eyebrows.


Eyebrow transplant is for both men and women who prefer to improve eyebrow loss in a minimally invasive, medical way. This method might be unique and would make eyebrows (those who still have them) rise, but it is the only viable way to regrow forever lost eyebrows.

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