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If baldness is affecting your confidence then hair transplantation is a permanent treatment for hair fall. Hair transplantation is a process that involves various stages. One should understand the different stages of the hair transplant to keep being assured about the complete treatment. At the best hair transplant in Jaipur the Jaipur Skin City clinic, the month-by-month development is very well explained. The process of evolution of hairs in the treatment process is explained below:-


Hair Transplant Growth Month by Month

The growth of hair transplant happens month after month. The hair transplant growth stages are appropriately described by Jaipur Skin City.


Hair Transplant Growth After 3 Months

One may not observe a huge change in the FUE hair transplant results at 3 months. The new hair will be growing only 1 cm per month. It will take some time before it starts resembling the result that any person hopes for after having the hair transplant.


Hair Transplant Growth After 12 Months

To the majority of the patients, the hair transplant is completely grown when it comes to the 12-month mark. Around 100% through the scalp all the hairs are popped.

And all the hairs have become fully and completely thickened, darkened, and normalized.


Hair Transplant Growth After 12-18 Months

Hair transplant operation final results can be expected at this final stage of hair growth. And the hair will look longer, thicker, and more intensive. After the hair operation, one can expect the final result in around 12-15 months in the front area.

After 18-20 months, one can expect full restoration of the hairs.


Hair Transplant Growth Chart

Stages of Hair Transplant Growth Pictures


Hair Transplant Growth Timeline


The Cycle of Hair Growth After Hair Transplant Surgery

The hair growth cycle after the surgery(Hair transplant) is explained in the below-mentioned points:-


  • Day 0- This is the day when the surgery is performed and it is denoted as day 0.


  • Day 1-5:  The first two weeks are the most critical after the hair transplant process. Patients may experience swelling on their forehead during the surgery period. The back of the head(Donor area) swells up. At the area of the tiny incision, the skin may look red. After the first week or two, this redness will get completely resolved. The donor area remains no longer tender only after a few days.


  • Days 6-10:At days 6-10 the patients will no longer experience any type of swelling. The redness and swelling will be only faint or gone completely. A ‘Crust’ will be formed for every follicular unit that is transplanted. And this crust is attached to the skin layer that is drying out. By Gently soaking and rubbing with the fingers one can gently remove this scab. Till day 10 we can observe that the crusting is gone. And all the hairs which are transplanted appear as a “crew-cut” haircut.


  • Week 2-3: At this point, all the transplanted hairs will be shed. And till the end of 4th week, most of the hairs will be gone. This phenomenon is a completely normal part of the process of healing and is expected totally. At this stage, the newly transplanted hairs exhibit the shedding process. The bulb and the actual follicular unit remain completely intact and are ready to grow up a new hair shaft. All this process can be considered as part of a normal hair cycle.


  • End of Month 1-Month 2: This is the resting stage of hair follicles. Resting phase length may vary before they start to emerge and grow again. At this particular stage, the patients will have the exact amount of hair present which they had prior to the hair surgery.


  • Months 2-4: At this stage, the new hairs start emerging out. In the case of some patients, the transplanted hair grows early while for the rest of others it may start to grow later. Patients will observe having the new transplants. But they are extremely thin as they are simply emerging out from the scalp. At this time the native will experience the majority of the hair growth or we can say most of the hair will grow back.  Also, one will experience healing in the donor area. And the donor site redness also gets resolved.


  • Month 6: At this point, the transplanted hair will enter into the anagen phase and then finally begin to grow(Final progress). The doctor will see the patient in follow up at this stage.


  • Months 6-9: At this stage, the patients will observe a considerable amount of hair that emerges from the main scalp. The hairs will be thin and most of the transplanted hair will be seen over 3 inches long and can be groomed. Textual changes are seen in the hair at the end of this stage and they start to thicken up. At this point, the donor area will get completely healed. By the 9th month, the original laxity of the donor gets restored.


  • 1 Year: At this point now the patients must have achieved around 80% growth in the transplanted hairs. Most of the hair will emerge out from the scalp.


  • After 1 Year: The full appearance is achieved for some patients while for the others it may take longer for the hair to increase the thickness and density. As the hair starts to grow longer a fuller appearance of the hair is seen.


We see that the growth cycle of the natural hair after the hair transplant takes time and is mostly imperceptible. This is because at a particular given time around 5-10% is falling out and has a rough distribution. While one has the hair transplant in 1 day then all the hair which is transplanted enters suddenly the same growth cycle.


What To Do In Hair Transplant Slow Growth?

In most cases, the process is pretty effective. 



In this article, we get to know about the different stages of hair growth. The various development stages of hair growth after having the hair transplant are well explained in this article. Jaipur Skin City is the best clinic for hair transplant treatment. 


Q1. How many months after hair transplant do you see results?

Ans. Patients can feel the positive results till 5 to 6 months for some patients, it may take 12 months.It is crucial to know that the transplanted hair falls out between two and eight weeks after the surgery.


Q2. How long after transplant does hair grow?

Ans. The transplanted hair usually falls out within 2-3 weeks post the surgery process. One can observe new growth within a few months. After 6-9 months, one will notice 60% hair growth.


Q3. What efforts can I make to boost up my hair growth after a hair transplant?

Ans. All heavy physical activities such as bicycling, jogging, and playing outdoor sports should be avoided for at least 7-10 days. This resting period will enhance the growth of the transplanted hair on the main scalp.


Q4. Does a hair transplant keep growing?

Ans. Hair transplants are a far more successful option when compared with hair restoration products. In 3-4 months, the transplanted hair(around 10-80%)will grow back completely.

Over time the transplanted hair will become thin just like the regular hair.





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