Essential Tips to Follow to Get Ready for Having a Hair Transplant

Many people decide to get a hair transplant because they are tired of losing hair and want to have a permanent solution once and for all. The best hair loss treatment solution is to have an FUE hair transplant. Of course, there are other hair loss treatments available, but they are not as effective as having a hair transplant. However, before going through with the hair transplant procedure, you first need to know whether you are eligible for this delicate procedure. Consulting your doctor will help you understand better if you are the right candidate. If you qualify for a hair transplant procedure, read this post on essential tips to get ready for a hair transplant procedure. 

Avoid Smoking Before a Hair Transplant Surgery 

Before getting a hair transplant surgery, you should avoid cigarettes 24 hours before the hair transplant surgery if you have smoking habits. If you can, it is even better to stop smoking for the entire treatment period. Smoking cigarettes and using other tobacco products will have adverse effects on the healing process. Smoking makes your body weak, and it is going to take longer to heal. The doctor will also advise you to avoid smoking for at least one week after the surgery. To get the best outcome, you need to control your urge for tobacco in the entire treatment process. 

Don’t Drink Alcohol

Alcohol has almost the same effects as tobacco; therefore, if you indulge in Alcohol, you need to stop drinking before undergoing a Beverly Hills Hair Restoration surgery. Alcohol interferes with the body’s natural healing process, leading to longer recovery time. You can avoid alcoholic beverages for at least 3 days before the surgery. However, if you want to reduce the recovery period, you need to stop drinking during the entire treatment period. 

Avoid Certain Medications

There are a couple of medications that may have adverse effects on the hair transplant procedure. Others may interfere with the aftercare process, while some may counter the recovery medication. One of these medications is aspirin. If you are taking medication with an anti-inflammatory effect, you should avoid taking it for at least 2 weeks before the procedure.

If you are using the following drugs, then you need to stop following the first before the hair transplant procedure:

• Medicines for high blood pressure

• Antidepressants

• Blood-thinners

• Beta-blockers

Don’t just stop using prescribed medication without consulting your doctor first. Before dropping any medication, ensure that you hear from the doctor first to determine the consequences. 

Avoid Taking Multivitamins

A common mistake that many hair loss patients make is taking multivitamins, thinking that it will help with the healing process after an FUE hair transplant. This is not the case. Multivitamins can interfere with the natural body processes. Doctors recommend the patient should stop using this medication two weeks before the treatment. 

Don’t Cut your Hair

The patient should resist the urge to shave his or her hair. The reason for that is because long hair has several benefits. These benefits include: longer hair is important because it will make it much easier for doctors to harvest hair in the donor area. Longer hair is also important because it helps to cover up or hide stitches or scars. 

Massage The Scalp

This may seem awkward but massaging the scalp before the hair transplant procedure is very important. You are massaging your skin for at least 20 minutes days before the surgery relaxes the skin muscles. The skin needs to be flexible, and the blood flow also needs to be on point.


As you can see, there are plenty of factors that may affect the surgery’s outcome if you are not careful. Before setting for a Beverly Hills Hair Restoration FUE hair transplant procedure, try to observe the mentioned instructions to get the desired outcome once the treatment is over. If you are not so sure what to do before a hair transplant procedure, consult the surgeon to perform the procedure for guidance. 





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