Essential Elements of Online Learning in Legal Industry

February 14, 2022

The debate about whether we should teach law online or not is over long ago. Today, a lot of online tools and practices have been introduced that are pervading schools all around the world. A lot of law professors are continuously using a myriad of these tools, apps, and supplemental materials for the CPD & RME courses. There are a lot of interactive and engaging online materials available such as a website that offers quizzes on legal subjects or a full-featured learning management system. This proves that the legal industry is not far behind in this race as well! The future of education in the legal industry is online teaching and learning. Now you might be wondering what are all the essential elements of online learning in this industry that make it so high in demand? We will discuss this in the next section.

Latest Trends in Online Learning

Online learning doesn’t make your life hectic. It is something that is appreciated not just by lawyers and legal staff but also by students all over the world as it saves a lot of time and improves productivity. Here are some of the latest trends in online learning:

1)      VR & AR: For implementing online training, virtual and augmented reality have created exciting new possibilities. Their application is picking up now but they can be used to trigger just-in-time learning. Organizations are willing to invest and explore such methods of teaching due to which the prices of wearable glasses and headsets are reducing.

2)      Content Curation: A lot of organizations are investing in content curation to provide a reliable source of learning materials to students. Content libraries and open source tools give an amazing learning experience to learners.

3)      Intelligent Chatbots: The popularity of intelligent assistants and chatbots is taking huge steps in the teaching and learning industry by helping organizations develop their chatbots for specific courses so that people can learn as they go and learn in the moment of need. They provide answers to all the questions related to the topic in just a few seconds.

4)      Video-Based Learning: Video-based tutorials and lectures on platforms like YouTube are continuously growing. Organizations try to impart learning through videos, adding quizzes, creating topic learning materials, and more to their websites. They create a video library on their website with strong content. It is a win-win situation for everyone and it continues to be a trend.

5)      Social Learning: Education and learning experience improves when there is sharing among peers. A collaborative environment and a professional workspace application or website include note-sharing options, forums, chatbots, and other robust tools that help in learning and interacting which makes online learning the future.

It’s Benefits in the Legal Industry

But why is it the perfect fit for legal professionals and this industry where retraining is persistent and there is very little time available? It is so because of the following reasons:

1)      Time Saver: The biggest advantage of online learning it saves time. You can learn at your own pace from anywhere in the world at any time. Whether you are at home or the court waiting for the judge to arrive, you can just open your device (smartphone, laptop, and tablet) and start studying. This is the most convenient and effective way of learning for legal professionals.

2)      Location Independent: Lawyers and students pursuing an internship in this field indeed have to sometimes be in different cities. Every instructor has a different skill and teaching method and because of this, there is no consistency. Online learning makes sure that the same content is presented across all branches and offices which make learning, scheduling, managing, and monitoring your courses easy. So, no matter which location you are in, learning will always be consistent.

3)      Easy To Deploy: Because online learning is gaining popularity with each day passing, installing and deploying modern learning platforms has become much easier. Even if you find it hard to deploy for your organization, there are a lot of hosted options available that will help you start developing your legal courses right away.

4)      Cheap: Online learning solutions are cheaper than hiring an instructor, renting a classroom, and paying for the travel cost for seminars. The same LMS system can teach thousands of students and employees at the same time thus increasing everyone’s productivity.

5)      Amazing Learning Experience: Online learning can be an amazing experience because of images, presentations, sounds, videos, and other interactive elements. There can be real-time meetings and instructions through video calls and discussions through chat and forum functionality as well.

6)      Easy To Update & Track: Online documents and materials can be easily changed and updated. It also allows tracking progress and completion of modules in the course along with skills acquired; time spent studying, and more. You can also utilize all the information of grades, attendance, and performance through pretty graphs!

The Bottom Line

We have now seen that there are a lot of reasons why online learning is the perfect fit for students in the legal industry. There are a lot of different ways of online learning available for everyone that is not only cheaper than traditional learning but also allowing students, lawyers, and legal staff to learn at their own pace from anywhere in the world anytime. Moreover, it is easy to deploy, manage as well as an update which is why it is high on demand. The best thing? It doesn’t disturb the regular working of the firm’s busy schedule!

If you are also interested in deploying online learning in your schedule then you are at the right place! You can easily enroll for online RME and CPD courses from Legal Beagle which is perfectly designed for you. If you have any questions regarding the same, our team will be more than happy to help. Get in touch today!

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