Erectile Dysfunction: Basic Information

May 17, 2022

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is described as the inability to get and maintain an erection for long enough for a man to finish the sexual experience to their satisfaction. These results in a troublesome sexual experience that then directly impacts one’s marriage and eventually results in sour relationships. Use Cenforce 100 mg to prevent this from happening.

ED is often referred to for male sexual dysfunction, also known as impotence. It is a frequent disorder, especially among males over 40 years old. age. The research suggests that nearly 50% of males over 40 years of age suffer from ED at some point.

The degree of erectile dysfunction is different between males. The severity of the condition varies from complete erections disappearing shortly after the sexual stimulation to having no erections whatsoever, in the event of stimulation. The situation between these two cases is an erection that’s partial, which isn’t strong enough for successful penetration.

The causes in Erectile Dysfunction

It’s important to know the process of erection before knowing the reasons behind Erectile dysfunction. When a person is sexually stimulated or excited the brain sends signalling to the neuron inside the penis. This leads to an increase in circulation of blood to the penis that causes the penis to grow, and then become hard.

Therefore, anything that interferes with the functioning that the nervous system performs or blood circulation may result in ED. While there isn’t a complete or complete list of reasons for Erectile dysfunction The most well-known or most common causes have been described below.

The presence of cardiovascular and neurological disorders have been proven to lead to Erectile dysfunction. This is why their presence could cause the condition. Erectile dysfunction can indicate the onset of or the presence of neurological or cardiovascular problems.

Furthermore, alcohol or drug use smoking, weight gain, and surgery as well as hormonal imbalances are other reasons for the male sexual dysfunction. Ageing is a common cause of many ailments and illnesses, and the same is true for erectile dysfunction too.

Beyond the physical reasons There are many psychological reasons as well to blame for ED. This includes depression, anxiety regarding sexual performance, extreme tiredness, difficult relationships, etc. Psychological issues are primarily a reason for men who are younger. Sometime, cycling too much is thought to trigger erectile dysfunction because the pressure is increased on nerves and penis’ blood vessels.

The condition could also be caused by the combination of mental and physical causes dependent on age patient.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

  • Counselling is perhaps the most effective solution for issues with the mind. Resolving various issues such as drinking and drug addiction, consumption of alcohol, eating practices, and a bad lifestyle can help in improving the sexual health of a person. Counseling and ED medications could prove to extremely beneficial in the treatment of the condition.
  • Refilling or replacing hormones is an option to get rid of the problem, but having a low hormone level is rare for males. But, it will be better when oral medications like Cenforce 120 mg, Cialis or Levitra are given concurrently.
  • Vacuum machines or the penis pump function to draw blood to the penis, and help maintain the flow. This can lead to a long and satisfying sexual experience.
  • Surgery is the last option to consider after all other options have been unsuccessful. The procedure is performed through the use of artificial rods within the penis.
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