Effective Online Conference Platforms

October 8, 2021

Online conferences like virtual seminars are a great way to share content with external audiences. Typically, a webinar offers simple and basic registration that every participant would find easy and comfortable to use.

These online seminars and conferences aim and help build awareness, establish the thought of leadership, boost conversions, and more. 

The simplest definition of this setup is an event that is hosted online. Virtual events are entirely hosted and run online to help attendees view or participate from anywhere in the globe. It is through discussing a single agenda with single or multiple task presentation sessions and collaborative sessions. 

These meeting platforms are great for hosting interactive sessions with audience participation. It will also enable you to break up sessions into smaller groups. Compared to virtual events or webinars, these gatherings are often internal with no specific marketing goal. 

Moreover, virtual conference platforms give a vast and cost-effective lieu to both events host and attendees. There is no wonder that different online conference companies are continuing to rise in the market globally. Statistics show that 80% of online event attendees say that they would choose to attend online than in-person events.

In addition, online conferences allow companies to connect with the new market. That is why it matters and is vital, especially in the business world. 

The success of your conference depends on the virtual platform that you choose. It plays a crucial role in gathering and keeping your audience satisfied at the end of your session.

Here are some of the best conference software that you can use when planning to host a conference.

Modern Online Conference Platforms

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  1. Web Ex Events

Web Ex Events features excellent third-party app integrations. This software is the best for long or multiday events with numerous panelists and speakers.

  1. GoTo Webinar

GoTo Webinar has superior event analytics, especially source tracking. It also has large-scale events with multi-device accessibility. 

  1. Workcast

Workcast has virtual booths tours with vendor communication. It has presentation-based webinars with little to no evidence collaboration. 

  1. Zoom Video Webinars

Zoom Video Webinars feature live broadcasting to youtube and Facebook live. It is best recommended if you have conferences needing a high level of collaboration, especially breakout rooms. 

  1. ClickMeeting

Click meeting features a webinar timeline. Companies that host a high numbered of virtual conferences and meetings prefer this platform. 

  1. BigMarker

BigMarker is an in-event offers stream live from the company website. Business who wants to host webinars on their websites as a revenue generator. 

  1. Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam comes with a panic button and active offer tools. It is best for companies that are looking for an affordable webinar tool. 

  1. vfairs

vfairs are used for hybrid event tools. Companies that are hosting virtual fairs and trade shows commonly use this tool.

  1. Hopin

Hopin is highly customizable, advertise an event on the Hopin website. Hopin is used by companies that use webinars to generate revenue.

Popular Event Types. 

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Online Training Session

An online training session is a platform where internal training on company policies or software uses external training that ables clients to use a software or product.

Virtual Trade Shows

Virtual Trade Shows are online trade shows that have multiple exhibitors and vendors.

Online Fairs

It is a platform where job fairs, volunteer/internships are being conducted.

Webinar as a product

The company uses an online platform to deliver online events where your company charges entry fees for webinars. 

Sales and lead generation events

Sales and lead generation events are an entry to the sales webinar that focuses on free registration, intending to get attendees to purchase your products or services. It will include special in-event offers that result from social media marketing.

Hybrid Events

A hybrid event is a combination of in-person and virtual events, usually for company-wide events. It can have host panels, have keynote speakers, encourages mingling and networking with breakout sessions and Q&As.

Essential virtual event platforms features

So if you are planning to create a training webinar or host an industry-wide conference, the right software features will help in determining sales outcomes and future conference attendance.

Here are some crucial things to remember in choosing a platform for your webinar:

  • It has a live and pre-recorded video streaming

  • Mobile accessibility for iOs phones and android users

  • Instant chat messaging

  • File sharing capabilities

  • Virtual whiteboards

  • Screen sharing

  • Virtual waiting room

  • Breakout rooms

  • Pass presenter tool

  • Third-party business communication tools integration

  • Audio and video recording

  • In-app conference registration 

  • Automated event reminders

  • In-app offers

  • Engagement analysis on attendance and lead generation 

Overall, there are a bunch of online conference platforms that you can use to host an event depending on your event type and how you imagine it to be. Pandemic breaks the business world and companies to meet and discuss things personally. However, the help of these platforms made everyone’s life easy and manageable. So if you are planning to conduct a small or big-scale event, it is best to discuss it with your events planner for a successful and smooth venture. 

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