Do You Really Need New Car Tyres?

Before deciding whether you really need a new set of car tyres, you first need to check three important factors: exposure to elements, tyre age and tread wear.


If you think that a penny cannot buy anything, you will be surprised to know that they can help you run a simple test and buy you some calmness and security regarding your Goodyear Tyres Leeds and safety. First, place one penny into one of your tyre’s tread grooves. If you can easily look at the head, it means the tread is worn and shallow. If this happens, you should immediately replace your tyres. But if the head is covered entirely or at least more than half by your tyre tread, then you still have some tread lingering. This means that you will not need new car tyres.

Why Should You Be Concerned About tyre Tread Wear?

One of the most significant reasons why you need to be concerned about tyre tread wear and tear is safety. If your car tyre is worn out, your vehicle will respond badly to adverse climate conditions such as snow and rain. But if all your tyres have enough tread, then your vehicle will grasp the road much better. Plus, having a lack of tread is deemed illegal in several countries. And lastly, worn treads will make other sections of your vehicle wear prematurely and unevenly.

Exposure to Other Elements

Long exposure to the sun’s infrared rays and heat could cause fundamental changes to each one of your tyres. However, these modifications are not typically a cause for concern in mild climates.

You Need New Car tyres

When it comes time to get new tyres, we wish to make buying new ones as easy as possible. Therefore, you can easily find the best quality tyres that fit your car, your driving style, and your budget. From ultra-high performance to economy tyres, you will for sure find the most suitable set for your specific type of car.

Tyre Age

Do you know what age your car tyres are?

Irrespective of usage and tread wear, manufacturers usually recommend that you get new tyres every five years. You can check your manufacturer’s suggestions on your particular tyres.

Air Pressure

Why Is It Important to Have the Right Air Pressure In Your tyres?
Maintaining the proper pressure in all of your tyres will make them last longer while also helping your vehicle drive safer and better and save you some money on gas.

Check Your Air Pressure Frequently

Most drivers tend to forget all about their car tyres until things go wrong. The truth is that tyres can lose pressure every day. In cold weather conditions, a tyre usually will lose around two kilos of air each month. In hot weather, your tyres will lose more air. This is mainly why experts recommended checking the pressure as frequently as possible or at least every time you fill out your petrol tank. Remember that many cars have different air pressures on their rear and the front axle. Also, make sure to check out the air in all your extra tyres.

Is There an Ideal Air Pressure?

As we mentioned, one of the places where you can find the correct pressure suggested for your particular tyres and vehicle is your owner’s manual. The right amount of pressure is also listed on a placard laid on the car’s door edge, glove box, and fuel door, as well as the doorpost.

Load Index

This indicates the exact load-carrying capability of your Car Tyres Leeds. It tells you the total load your tyres can support.

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