Do Perfect Branding for Your Cosmetics Business in 2021

September 15, 2021

The cosmetics industry is riddled with competition in which new brands are emerging every now and then. In such an environment, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for new brands, and not so old ones to stand out as unique and worth the money.


Now to succeed, you need to think out of the box, get the fascinated attention of your ideal customers and effectively communicate why your product is the best for them.


For doing so, the ideal way is to go for a practical & effective branding strategy.


A strong branding strategy around your cosmetics business is essential for your cosmetic brand to stand out in today’s hyper competitive environment of the beauty market.


Let’s dive deep into cosmetic branding and they right ways to brand your company & products such that it creates a dent for you in the industry – and in turn, gain you more customers every passing day.


3 Important Aspects to Research Before Branding

There are some key questions you need to answer before you start building your brand.


What is Your Identity? Who Are You?

Before building any sort of connection with customers via your cosmetic products, you’ve got to answer questions such as who you are as a brand?

Just tell what your brand is in three words? The answer can be as diverse as dark & innovative, or it can be something ranging from feminine & bright to all-natural and eco-friendly.

Just defining your brand in a few adjectives can help a lot to stream-line your branding process.


What Can You Do Differently Than the Competition?

It’s critical to define what’s it about your brand that will help you provide a unique edge over other brands.

Observe what your competitors are doing – and how can you take a different path? Because this is what’s going to make your ideal customers choose you over another brand selling the same type of product.


Your Mission & Values And Your Ideal Customer?

In terms of mission & values, first, consider mission statement. Think of it as the “why” that surges your business forwards. For example, you may want to shift towards an 80 or a 100% eco-conscious standard for manufacturing and packaging of cosmetics.

You must build a broader and strong corporate mission and values surrounding that mission.

You can do it in a fill in blank style too, for easiness. For example, “this company exists to achieve ____. In the coming 10 years, we will be ____”.

Next come corporate values. Values not just let your brand connect with customers externally, but also communicate what your brand stands for? From above example, your brand’s core value can be environmental sustainability and its safety.

Lastly, who’s your ideal customer? While building and launching a cosmetics brand, you want to make sure it speaks to your ideal customers, but to do this, you’ll need to research on what those ideal customers are. Therefore, it’s imperative to take account of your target customers. Who they are? What do they want? What are their pains?

All this will help you to properly guide the branding process and ultimately speak and connect with the ideal customer well.


Your Must Have Branding Elements to Consider

The branding process begins right after answering the core questions. So, it’s after you’ve gotten the data around these questions that you’ll then define the key design elements that will be responsible for driving your branding process forward.


The fonts used in branding wield potential of sending a strong message about your brand to target customers. For example, using shady or edgy graphic fonts for eye-shadows shows innovativeness, depicts product type and creates a strong impact on onlookers.

Color Tints

Colors are such powerful branding elements that you just don’t afford not to take leverage of them. Big brands get their customers to associate their brand with colors, and they also use colors to inspire thoughts & emotions in onlookers. For instance, green color tells a lot about a cosmetic product being an organic or that its packaging is eco-friendly – associating all this to nature-friendliness. In the same way, purple and darker shades of blue communicate luxuriousness and superior quality.

Logo’s Shape & Form

The look and overall layout of your cosmetic brand’s logo is a crucial aspect in branding. A logo that’s more of a rounded one delivers a different feel and look than a sharp & angular logo that’ll create a different look and feel for your brand.


Consistency & Adaptability

Consistency has a lot to do with your cometic brand’s branding strategy to succeed. Your target customers must have a consistent experience of your brand no matter in what setting or situation they encounter it. Branding should be consistent across the products, the packaging – including the different types of packaging from custom mailer cosmetic packaging to custom cosmetic display packaging boxes. Every branding element of different types of your cosmetics boxes must be in line with a brand strategy that’s consistent.

This builds trust with your target audience—which plays a big part in transforming prospects into customers and customers into a brand loyal group.


Let’s Bring All Important Stuff Together In a Guide

Cosmetics brands are all about style—and if you want your branding to feel consistent with your cosmetic packaging boxes, you better tie everything up together as a branding guide for cosmetics packaging.

It’s a document that consists of every key point and information about your branding strategy, starting from the color tints for your brand’s identity to the various intricate graphics or patterns in line with business theme to the do’s and don’ts.

This guide can be as detailed as you want, but to point out a few major aspects, you must include the following aspects to consider printing on your custom cosmetic packaging for a superior branding experience:

        Brand story

        Corporate mission and values


        Color schemes




        And Packaging Design

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