Different types of corporate video production in Singapore 

Videos have become an important part of marketing in the last few decades. However, they are more of a trend these recent years because of the accessibility of video equipment. People can now create videos using their mobile phones and post them online. Many companies including SMEs are aware of the importance of video in their marketing tactics. That is the main reason why they invest in a video production company Singapore service.

A corporate video production Singapore company can create compelling videos for your business. These videos can guarantee great results far better than videos created by yourself. If you are looking to hire a video production company Singapore agency, you need to identify what type of corporate video you want them to make for you. In this article, we will discuss the different types of corporate videos most common in Singapore.

 #1 – Social media

If you look into every social media feed, you will notice that they are dominated by pictures and videos. That is because most social media users prefer to engage with videos and images rather than text posts. This is a fact known by everyone including video production company Singapore firms. This is the reason why most of them are offering to create videos meant for social media.

Most corporate video production Singapore businesses create social media videos that are short but engaging. They don’t necessarily focus on the product rather they make sure every video is very much on-brand. Usually, they aim to create videos that are relevant to the current hot topics in the social media world.

 #2 – Testimonials

Another good video idea is the testimonial video. Testimonial videos are good tools in convincing other buyers to purchase your product or service. People will tend to trust fellow customers especially if they will feel that they can resonate with the customer in the video. This is something that your video production company Singapore specialist can create for you.

Having your customers record the testimonial video is not a good idea. That is because most of them do not have the video expertise a corporate video production Singapore professional has. That is why it is best to leave the testimonial video making to the experts.

 #3 – Email

Email marketing is another effective marketing tactic in the online business world. It can be more effective if you incorporate a video in these marketing emails. Although videos cannot be embedded in emails, there is still a way to accomplish this. Your video production company Singapore expert is likely to use a creative hyperlinked button so those who will receive the email can access the video. 

An email with a video link has high click-through rates compared to simple emails with images. More customers tend to open emails that have the word “video” on the subject line. Thus, with the help of a corporate video production Singapore consultant, you can have a great email video to market your business. 

 #4 – Product demonstrations

A good convincing video that can generate interest and sales is the product demonstration video. One of the reasons why customers tend to get skeptical of products because they fear that it will not work. However, if you have a product demo video created by a video production company Singapore agency, you can remove the doubts about your product. There are multiple ways to create a convincing product demonstration video. The corporate video production Singapore team can even get creative with this. Thus, it is recommended you discuss the product demonstration video content with them.

 #5 – Brand

One of the most common corporate videos you can have created for your business is the brand video. This video is usually integrated into the homepage or about page of your company website. The brand video will showcase the brand story and highlight your company’s mission and vision. This video can even contain why your brand is different from others and why they should transact with you. 

Most video production company Singapore firms are experts in creating this type of video. They can convey the message of your brand in an innovative and engaging way. Although this will not highlight your products unlike the other videos, a brand video is still essential if you aim to set an established mark in your industry.

We can create corporate videos

Videos may be easier to make nowadays but if you want something that will resonate with your audience, hire a professional. A corporate video production Singapore company has the talent, creativity, and equipment to create any type of corporate video.

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