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Different Interior Styles To Try in Garden Rooms

There are plenty options you can brighten the interiors of your garden spaces. Keep reading to learn more about it!

A garden office is an excellent choice if you’re working at home. You escape a time-consuming, dirty trip and a gloomy office environment but still have your devoted room away from the pressures of the afternoon television, and you can always fold your clothes! 

And since you already invested in your own home, why don’t you take some time making it into a location that you’ll love? Planning to work from a garden office, even though it’s just part of the week, doesn’t mean you’ve got to overspend on the design! 

The more relaxed, trendy, and welcoming you feel, the more time you want to spend there-which is likely to have a positive effect on your morale and productivity. 

If you want a minimalist, clean style, a cool Scandi, or country chic, a garden office pod is your opportunity to showcase your idea. And you will not have to relate the theme to the rest of your home or even match it with your family’s interests if you don’t want to. In a designated space set apart from home, you can let your creativity roam free and build a look that is special to you.

For this very cause, a lot of our garden office clients come to us. They want a room on their own, where they can set their mark on a place where they can pull away from themselves, quickly turn to work mode, and feel empowered and driven to work. The garden office is your opportunity to be imaginative and to share your personality. 

Cool Contemporary Crittal 

Crittal-style windows lift this room to a new degree of chic. The futuristic environment of this garden office begins with the on-trend, Crittal-style windows. The particular black frames instantly indicate a departure from what you would find in other workplaces. The windows’ tension is gently set off by the soft white of the tongue and the groove walls, while the desk and shelving unit suits the solid black lines of the doors and windows. 

The interior has a strikingly angular, Bauhaus theme, with retro chairs in vibrant colors pops included for relaxation. Stationery not only has a useful function, but it also looks fantastic on show racks. Uncluttered racks build elegance, space, and a feeling of serenity. The high lamp brings height to the interior and is convenient for reading and learning. 

Mini Garden Office Pods 

Optimal for solo work, the Mini Garden Office Pod is more spacious than you would expect. Evaluating just 2.4m x 1.8m, the Mini Garden Office Pod is the right size for a single person. This small garden office is remarkably versatile, and equipping them with doors and windows anywhere you choose is no challenge.

The advantage of a limited office is that there is no room for interruption. This interior design style keeps it straightforward with white walls and shelving allowing you to build a sense of space. Small cupboards and desk drawers reduce visual clutter or sparsely decorated outside rooms. The Pod is accessible and light, a genuinely purposeful working atmosphere. 

Plants are a beautiful element of every home office. Big feature plants bring an attractive asymmetry and height to the room. As well as being physically beautiful, research shows that plants minimize tension and improve efficiency and innovation. And, as they photosynthesize their way through the day, they filter the air, rendering the workplace a better place to operate. Just don’t neglect to feed and water them from time to time. You wouldn’t want them to give their note! 

The vivid canvas brings energy and color. Remember how you can get value to your room with funky clocks and good-looking, tall shops with bright color splashes. A vivid, round rug provides warmth and comfort and splits the rectangular lines. 

Cool Scandi Theme

The tranquility and stillness of this neutral scheme are bound to maximize efficiency! Your garden office needs to build a functioning environment that suits your personality. Bright, sharp colors can be what you need to tap into the spirit of your fighter. But those with a quieter layout would enjoy the calm simplicity of the Scandi themed interior. 

The patterns in Scandinavian design are prevalent. At the same time, clarity is the secret to this. What’s best for the soul than functioning in a peaceful, calm place, contrasted by natural objects such as pine cones and plants? A sheepskin blanket thrown over the back of the chair provides softness, comfort, and energy, providing a room in which everyone needs to be. 

This Scandi interior features wet, wood-influenced laminate flooring, a wooden bench, white walls, and baskets woven with natural fabrics. It all means no-fuss minimalism, a beauty that encourages space to communicate for itself, using light and nature’s textures.

Luxury Log Theme 

With their natural, warm wooden walls, the log cabins are ideal for a home workspace. Returning to the log cabin’s snug comfort evokes the perception of coming down the slopes for an après-ski spot in the snow-capped Alpine resort. But recreating this image in the garden offices of the bath would give you a more comfortable and relaxed outdoor feel.

This log cabin’s interior, which we designed for one of our local customers, is a real home away from home. The mixture of honey-colored wood-clad walls, warm lighting, and deep red furniture produces an immediate curl-up-with-a-good-book fireside vibe. 

It is also a center of commercial development, with enough space for the owner’s desk and chair and a convenient location to counsel customers. And though it might look rustic, this cabin is encouragingly contemporary, with a completely insulated roof and base and double-glazed windows and doors. It’s a super-thick 70mm concrete wood wall that enables enhanced warmth in winter and keeps the area pleasant and cool in summer, making it a cozy and trendy place to work. 

Decorating your garden area is all about building an environment that pulls you in and holds you there, concentrated and happy. In this room, the owner has created a space for both rest and work, ensuring he can take daily breaks without leaving the cabin. Cozy throws are known to soften the theme. All that is required to finish it is the accent color on one or two walls-and a pair of slippers and a hot cup of coffee! 

Vibrant red furniture and carpets also help in providing you with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. Purpose-built shelves hold the owner’s selection of books. Family portraits and ornaments add a little home to the office.

Modern Garden Rooms can give you more tips into learning more on how you can decorate your garden offices in a better way. After all, there are other ways you can explore different styles and designs other than the ones discussed here.

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