Custom Plastic Signs – Things that You Should Know

October 19, 2021

In the world of Polyvinyl Chloride, custom plastic signs are becoming a popular and strong choice of advertising for businesses. So let’s dive in and learn more about plastic signage.


Customizing Plastic Sign Options


The plastic signs are lightweight and porous. These small pores enable the signage designing experts to accept the liquid, where the ink can be distributed to create stunning graphics. There are some variables to plastic signs that can help in better understanding to get your signage customized. 


  1. Thickness 

There is no single-sized product. Instead, there are mostly four sizes where according to the industry standard thicknesses, a 1/8th inch and a 1/4 inch are most common.


  1. Density

The denser the sign, the more are its rigid properties.


  1. Colors

There are thousands of signs and several colour schemes that can be added throughout the designing process to get the best signage.


  1. Shapes

Shapes involve creativity that can make your plastic signs look different from your competitors. Using the traditional rectangular, square, or round shape, a wide range of shapes can be formed. 


The Difference Between Plastic Sign and Other Signs


The plastic signage is similar to acrylic signs; however, they don’t have that glare. Additionally, the plastic signs usually offer more durability and are less expensive.

When compared to coroplast, plastic signs do cost a bit more. However, they last longer. 

The popular aluminum signs are more expensive than plastic signs and are difficult to handle. Thus, it makes PVC signs a popular and convenient option.


Plastic Signs and Printing


PVC signs are traditionally printed digitally with UV ink with a matte finish so that plastic signs outdoors become easier for customers to read.

If you are searching for a bit of gleaming and shimmer looks, you can get your plastic sign customized with a decal print. There is also a silkscreen method.


Best Uses for Plastic Sign


Plastic Signs can be used for several purposes that include retail displays, directional signage, informational plastic signage, point of purchase displays, and menu boards.


The common places for the plastic sign are:


  • Hospitals

  • Businesses and Offices

  • School

  • Warehouses and Factories

  • Trade Shows and exhibition


These inexpensive plastic signs are great methods that help build a relationship between customers and the owner. They are quite versatile, easy to read and come in several shapes and sizes.


Indoor Versus Outdoor Use of Plastic Sign


There are undoubtedly certain factors that must be considered when it comes to choosing between indoor and outdoor plastic signs. 

The signs can be definitely displayed both inside and outside; however, displaying plastic signs outdoors is the best option. When handled carefully, these signs can easily spend a lifespan of 2-3 years. Therefore, you can clean them regularly after every two weeks to a month, depending on the grime, dust or other accumulates.

Place your plastic sign in an area where there is minimal moisture and low humidity. Additionally, as far as possible, refrain from displaying your sign in the sun. 

Get ready to present your business by getting a custom plastic sign. Give it a nice artsy feel, and you are good to go!

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