Creating a WordPress website (quick free guide)

November 7, 2021

But if you start wrong, and you don’t know exactly what you are doing, it can become quite a time-consuming search for the right settings, the best WordPress plugins (extensions), and the best template in the overwhelming range of WordPress themes.


The following step-by-step plan answers the question “How do you make a website with WordPress?”


1. Install WordPress

WordPress touts itself with the ‘famous 5-minute installation. For most people, the installation procedure that WordPress proposes is too technical and you are more likely to give up in 5 minutes than to get started with WordPress.


Before I explain the real 5-minute WordPress installation, I’ll describe the manual approach below:


1.1 Installing WordPress Plugin manually (for those with technical knowledge)


Register the domain name of your website with a hosting provider and request a hosting package (the smallest package of, for example, 500 MB with 1 MySQL database is more than enough for most sites). Special, more expensive WordPress hosting is not necessary, this is often a marketing trick. WordPress works fine in combination with a regular web hosting package.

Download the WordPress ZIP file on (click here for the WordPress download English ) and extract it to your PC or Mac.

Upload the files via an FTP program (such as FileZilla ) to the “root” of the HTML folder of the web server.

Create a MySQL database via the “control panel” via the PHPmyAdmin.

On your computer, copy the wp-config-sample.php file and rename it to wp-config.php and enter the database name, database name, database username and password. Save the file and upload it to the “root” of the web server’s HTML folder.

Visit your website (type your domain name in the URL bar of your browser) and go through the installation steps (creating and entering WordPress username and password, name your WordPress site and enter your email address).

1.2 Easy WordPress installation (no technical knowledge required)


Choose a hosting provider with an ‘ auto installer ‘ for WordPress. Sometimes called “ Installatron ” or “ application installer ”.


My favorite: . A customer-friendly hosting provider (you can call them and you immediately have someone who knows their business on the line). At Greenhost you also have the option of using the auto installer for the installation of WordPress with the cheapest package (“Basic”).


In the video below you can see how I install WordPress in a few minutes:

Interested in Greenhost as a hosting provider? Feel free to contact me and I will arrange the application for your domain name, the hosting and the installation of WordPress for free.


You only pay approximately €51 annually for the hosting directly to Greenhost + the registration costs of your domain name. Most domain names cost €15 per year. The costs are exclusive of 21% VAT. The current prices can be found on


2. Download the free WordPress tutorial

Enter your name and email address in the form here, and I’ll email you my concise WordPress manual.


The guide briefly describes the main features of WordPress and each part is illustrated with a screenshot with arrows showing the order of the steps. My WordPress manual is therefore not a thick book that you cannot get through, but a practical instruction that helps you quickly and well on your way.


3. Choosing a WordPress Template

A big advantage of WordPress is that there are many (free) templates (“themes”) available with which you determine the design of your website.


The disadvantage of this is that the offer is so large that you may no longer see the forest for the trees.


Another challenge: each WordPress theme is created by a different developer. And each developer can decide for themselves what options the theme has and how the theme can be set.


Every theme is different and you can’t see on the outside how it works and whether it is easy for you to set up.

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