Creating A Marble Mandir For Home

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The age-old tradition of maintaining a mandir at home has been followed in almost every Hindu home for centuries, and even today, you will find this practice prominently followed. Having a mandir not only reminds one of the blessings graced upon an individual by the gods and goddesses but also reminds one to offer their act of gratitude on a daily basis. It is a reminder to accept divine blessings and act as an unwavering conviction of one’s devotion. 

To invite goodness and blessings into one’s home, a mandir is placed, and it is almost every Hindu devotee’s dream to have a grand marble mandir at one’s home. If you are looking for ways to install a marble mandir in your home, then, this blog will help you out. Whatever questions you have will be answered via this blog. 

Reasons to place a marble mandir at home 

The primary reasons to have a marble mandir placed at home are given below. If you wish to know why you should have a marble mandir at home, then continue reading. 

  • Having a mandir acts as a bridge to connect to the divine powers easily. Whether you worship a god or goddess, placing them in the mandir area will help you feel protected and safe. A marble mandir will act as a continuous reminder of the spiritual compass in one’s life that God is always there with one, despite wherever you go and travel. 
  • A marble mandir in a specific place act as the dedicated space of power where it is guaranteed that blessings and goodness will soon follow. 
  • A mandir assures one that God is overlooking the family and will ward off any sort of negativity and evil that could potentially harm the family. 
  • A marble mandir takes up the role of a specific purpose, just how any other decoration in the house takes up. It acts as a reminder to come to pray, meditate, and worship the divine. This will help to channel one’s innermost thoughts deeply and in the right direction. 
  • Having a mandir at home will help to influence the younger generation, if any, at home to take up the similar religious path and be easily acquainted with all spiritual and religious activities that might take place at one’s home. 

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Where should you place the marble mandir? 

According to the traditional Vastu Shastra principles, it is always recommended that a mandir in one’s home be placed by you only in the north-eastern direction. This direction is best to enhance the positive vibes attracted by the mandir. Still, you can place the mandir in any direction. But ensure that it is not placed in the south side. Praying while facing the south is not recommended by Vastu Shastra people. 

Should the mandir be made out of marble material? 

Yes, a mandir can be made out of marble material. It is always recommended that a mandir be made out of naturally occurring materials, and as marble occurs as a natural stone, it is highly used by people. Along with marble, one can also use wood and granite to create a mandir at home. 

Marble is said to have a positive aura on one’s family and it lasts for a long time. Because it is white in colour, or in shades similar to white, it attracts positivity, cleanliness, brightness, and freshness. When white marble comes in contact with natural sunlight, it makes the entire room glow, giving off a very heavenly feel. 

Using marble to create a mandir at home is an affordable choice. They come in a variety of patterns and minimal designs which light up the overall aesthetics of a house at a cheap cost. The best thing about having a marble mandir at home is that it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Dust can easily be removed, and you can use wet tissues to clean the area to make it sparkling clean. 

What should a marble mandir contain? 

If you wish to know what a marble mandir should contain, then you must continue reading below. These items are a must to be placed in a marble mandir. You can either create a shelf or have a specific mandir table to place these items in the mandir. 

  • Good quality incense
  • Fresh flowers such as marigold or jasmine
  • Well-lit lamps and burning diyas
  • Holy books 
  • Divine figurines of gods and goddesses

Apart from these, you must ensure not to place anything dead or dying at or near the mandir area. Also, avoid placing trash cans or dustbins near the mandir to avoid any sort of negativity. 

Here you can try these marble mandir design for home which are very attractive and have a unique shape. 


If you wish to create a marble mandir at home, then you can go ahead with this decision. Allow goodness to enter your home with a marble mandir today!

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