Consequences of Beard Hair Transplant Surgery?

Facial hair transplant is a form of surgery in which hair follicles are collected from donor parts of the body. Then, these are implanted into your beard areas. It includes two processes: FUE and FUE. However, FUE is the most widely used. In FUE, hair follicles are harvested from the donor area and transplanting them to the deficient area.

FUE is less painful. It does not give you scars. FUE less invasive too. The results are always natural and long-lasting. The FUT method is the second type of facial hair transplant method. In FUT, a small piece of skin is cut from the back of your head. The tissue which is cut is then transplanted to the bald areas.

The Procedure for Facial Hair Transplant

This process includes points which are written under:

Harvesting of Hair Follicles

The surgeon will first shave the harvesting area. With shaving, it helps the surgeon to see the hair follicles clearly. The surgeon will first inject you with a local anesthetic collecting the hair follicles. You will not feel any kind of pain during the surgery.

Implantation of Hair Follicles

The surgeon will inject the anesthetic into your beard area after collecting the hair follicles. The harvested hair follicles will then be implanted into your facial area. The shape of your beard depends upon the agreement between you and the doctor. Make sure that you speak to your doctor well about the shape of the beard required by you.

The Recovery

The recovery time for this process is very less. It’d be better if you take a day off from work for this process. It is normal if your hair starts to fall. The hair fall makes sure that there is enough space for the growth of the new hairs. Try not to shave your hair for almost fourteen days after the surgery.

The Cost for Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplants may be costly. They may cost up to 15000USD according to the surgery. It is advised that you ask about the full cost of the treatment. Hair transplants are regarded as cosmetic surgery. Thus, insurance companies can’t cover them.
The cost will also rely on the clinic. Some clinics charge consultation fees too. The surgeon will check your head to see if you are the right for hair transplantation.

The Consequences of Beard Transplant

Facial hair transplant usually proceed without any error. Some side effects may occur as it involves surgery. The result may not be expected. The following are some of the results of a facial hair transplant.

The Root Structure

The donor hair follicles are of various quality from the bald area. The doctor has to be cautious during the surgery so that the hair quality is good.

Hair Thickness

The hair of the beard is different from the head. The thickness of different hair is different. The thick ones are more vulnerable.

Level of Growth

The hair which are implanted may grow faster than the old ones. This growth can change the facial look that you may not like at all.

Many other normal side effects of facial hair transplant are:

· You may feel some itching.
· You may also feel some numbness.
· Your face and scalp may feel tight after the surgery.
· You may feel some swelling around your beard area.

These side effects are not so vital. These are temporary and may go away with time. If they stay longer, you can consult your doctor.


For people who want a new and stylish look for their beard, facial hair transplant is an essential process. It helps to improve their facial look. Just make sure you go for the best doctors. Do your research for the best doctors and clinics in your area. Instead of the best clinics, invest time in reading the important instructions too. After the surgery, the surgeon will give some instructions. Make sure to follow them for a quick recovery.

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