Complete Guide on Water Flow Meter and its Types

Most people use a flow meter to measure the rate of the liquid. Measurement of the flow is important, and many people are using it in the home and in different fields. Most of the users that choose the flow meters are measuring flow liquid or gases. It would help if you considered a factor that makes the right decision. There are significant numbers of the flow switch. Here is an important guide to help you with the water flow meter and its type.

Vortex flowmeter

The fluid flow is created to measure through the streamlined. Therefore, each of the obstacles has a critical fluid speed for vortex shedding. There is a low alternative for the pressure zone to generate through. Vortex also measures a different type of sensor.

Turbine flow meter

You will get in the market different manufacturers that design for the flow meter. When you are using this type, remember it is measured electronically. This type of meter can be spin when water is running through. The measurement of the velocity is equal to the speed of the water, which is running through. You will get them under the same principle.

The fluid is moved through the pipes and reacts on the vane turbine. Therefore, the turbine starts automatically to spin while rotating. The rate of the spin is used to calculate the flow. The ratio of the downtime is nearly 100:1.

You can use this type of liquid meter for measuring clean water in your place. You will need to use it in the RO water, well water, and the tap water flowing through the pipe.

One of the reasons why dirty water cannot measure this type of flow can easily clog the pipe. The turbine liquid is categorized into the current output and the pulse output.


Electromagnetic is used to measure any of the conductivity of the fluid or slurry. Here the liquid serves as the conductor, and the magnetic field is created to energize coils outside the flow tube. It provides you with low pressure and accuracy. You will notice some of the turndown and ratio are excellent repeatedly. The moving parts of the flow are obstacles and are relatively unaffected by the viscosity.

Note, voltage produces directly proportional to the flow rate. Therefore, two electrodes are mounted on the pipe to detect voltage, measured by a secondary element. When you get a flow switch of this type, it makes work easy for you.

Coriolis flowmeter

Coriolis flowmeter is directly measured in the fluid mass over the wide range of the temperature. They are of high accuracy. The flow switch of the flowmeter will serve you well. It is a vibration caused by the twist, and it occurs when the water flows through the tubes. The accuracy is unaffected by the charges of the fluid viscosity.

They are designed for the suitable viscous of the fluid water. The measure of the twist provides you with the mass flow of the water. The Coriolis meter requires minimal attention when installing.

Open channel flow meter

This is one of the types of flow meters used to measure the solution. They require a flow switch for them to operate nicely. The effective technology is measured in the water flow for a short time for the open channel. Those channels used include the following: drains, weirs, and partially filled pipes.

Thermal mass

You will get this one at a low purchase rate. They are designed to work in the clean gases for the unknown heat capacity. You will get some of the low pressures that are not designed to the Coriolis meter for the mass.


The ultrasonic flow meter has no moving of the wetted parts. It does not suffer any of the pressure offers for the large turndown ratio for providing maintenance. The effect of the motion frequently sounds for observing the reflection signal. The ultrasonic meter can be used in troubleshooting for a wide range of flow issues.

Oval gear

They are the latest breed of the gear meter, which is measures directly to the actual volume. Therefore, it features a wide range of minimal pressure for extended viscosity. This is designed to offer you easy installation and gives you high accuracy of the measurements. You will not struggle anymore when reading your measurements. Therefore, measurements are taken in the vicious, temperature, and simple calibration.

Insert flow meter

This is the last type of flow meter. It is used in the large bore pipe, which covers the cost of reasoning due to the speed of the ease of installation. A popular uses such flow meter is hot tapping where the flow meter fitted into the pipe during the operation.

Final word

Hope this post helps you on the guide of water flow meter and their types. You will also note some of the flow meters require a flow switch to function well in various work. Each flow meter has different measurements of the water.






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