Commercial Cleaning Services – A Valued Part of Self Care

October 26, 2021


Diet, sleep and exercise! Well, these are the primary things that might strike your mind when we talk about self-care. Undoubtedly, all these things make a big part of your overall health and self-care; however, there are some other factors as well that are deemed not as important or tend to get missed. One of these factors is cleaning that impacts our daily lives. 


When it comes to how we take care of ourselves, keeping our spaces clean tends to get missed in self-care conversations. However, with office cleaning in Los Angeles, CA getting popular, people are gaining awareness and have started discussing this most important factor. Many studies have also found that a clean and uncluttered space positively affects our wellbeing and physical and mental health. Thus, let us not ignore it and look at some of the amazing ways in which cleaning contributes to a healthy body and mindset and self-care.


  • Hygiene and Health

When we talk about hygiene, it is related to something that is free from germs. Unfortunately, we live in a world that is surrounded by bacteria and microorganisms. Some of these are harmless and actually contribute to a healthy immune system, whereas some of them are harmful. When these harmful germs build up in large amounts, they affect our immunity negatively, making us physically unwell.


Thus, it is vital to clean the spaces regularly with a good quality disinfectant. It can help avoid infection and put our health at risk of getting sick.

  • Cleaning – A Great form of Exercise

While you can get professional cleaning services in Los Angeles, cleaning by yourself on a regular basis can leave you to feel as good as it would be at the end of a workout. 


With busy work schedules, we don’t usually get time to go for exercise routines. However, daily cleaning can help you maintain hygiene at your workplace or home and also keeps you fit as it involves a certain amount of movement. It involves every part of the body, where there are up and down movements of the arm to clean the surface, the pressure required to massage marks off along with a squat sit, as well as some will be done standing. Thus, overall we need to engage our core muscles for dusting, vacuuming and mopping with utmost care so as not to hurt our back.


These cleaning activities give us the opportunity to be connected to our bodies and aware of how we are moving. It supports you with your posture and stance and can help with building stability and strength.


  • Mental Health

Mental health is another element worth mentioning. A cluttered or damp space produces a negative effect on mental health. On the contrary, a clean, tidy space feels inviting, making you feel good, more efficient, productive, and is conducive to vibrancy, greater joy, vitality and wellbeing. 


Taking the time for office cleaning in Los Angeles, CA, is considered a great act of care for ourselves. So, let’s start contributing to self-care!

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