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China’s top air filter manufacturer and wholesale supplier, Hubei Clean Environment Protection & Technology Co., Ltd, has more than 15 years of expertise in designing and producing various types of air filters. Panel filters, pocket filters, carbon filters, HEPA filters, FFU, and aluminium mesh filters are among the air filter products offered by CLEAN. Additionally, air filters for gas turbine inlets, dust collector cartridges, paint booths, powder coating booths, vehicle and heavy-duty engine inlets.

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Hubei Clean Environment Protection & Technology Co., Ltd. is the top air filter producer and wholesale supplier in China with more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of various types of air filters. Clean is the manufacturer and supplier of choice for OEM and ODM air filters. They can offer a competitive price and dependable quality with the help of their technological team. Without a second thought, buy air filters from them at manufacturer-direct prices. Most of the time, industrial and commercial environments use their air filters for paint booth filters, ventilation systems, HVAC systems, HEPA systems, carbon air filters, and other examples.

In their power as an air filter supplier and manufacturer, they create a full range of air filtration products, such as High Efficiency filters like HEPA and ULPA filters, Medium Efficiency filters like V-bank filters, pocket filters, and medium panel filters, Low Efficiency filters like metal mesh filters, Medium-efficiency filter media like paint booth ceiling filter rolls, and Pre-efficiency filter media like fibreglass exhaust filter rolls, paint booth intake, and their products. Among the air filter products provided by CLEAN are panel filters, pocket filters, carbon filters, HEPA filters, FFU, and aluminium mesh filters. Air filters are also available for automobiles, heavy-duty engines, gas turbines, dust collector cartridges, paint booths, powder coating booths, and booths for paint application.

These are only a few of the key sectors where their goods are frequently used.  Their air filtration media and air filters are used in a wide range of applications. They produce a variety of paint booth filters as a paint booth filter manufacturer for industrial paint booths as well as automated paint lines. Both intake and exhaust filters for paint booths are available from them. The primary line of defence against outside particles getting on the painting surface is the paint booth intake filter. Any paint booth exhaust filter’s purpose is to trap overspray particles. For the majority of air handling units, they provide HVAC filter solutions such HEPA filters, Pocket filters, Panel filters, and V-Bank filters. Both residential and commercial settings, including homes, schools, public buildings, hotels, and railroad stations, can benefit from HVAC systems.

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They can deliver high-quality products thanks to their more than 15 years of production experience and the required processing methods. They provide air filters with on-time delivery and are equipped to handle special air filtration needs as a fan filter units manufacturer and supplier. They are your best choice if you’re looking for a dependable Chinese air filter manufacturer.

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Address: No. 998, Xiangshi Road, Shipai, Kunshan, Jiangsu,China


Telephone: +86 18672843273

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