ChartPerfect EHR Software: 5 Things You NEED To Know!


ChartPerfect is an award-winning, smart, all in one EHR (Electronic Health Record) Software that facilitates people in many specialties including Neurology, Allergy, Dermatology, Urology, and more. Although Chartperfect EHR Software can cater to small to large kinds of organizations but its best for organizations with 10 to 50 employees. It also offers Practice Management and Medical Billing Solutions. 

1. ChartPerfect EHR Specialties

ChartPerfect EHR has all the right features to cater to the needs of many medical Specialties. ChartPerfect EMR offers its services to Allergy & Immunology, Internal Family Medicine, Podiatry, Cardiology, Neurology, Urology, Dermatology, and Orthopedics. Since 1999, ChartPerfect software has specifically designed features for all of the above-mentioned specialties. 

2. ChartPerfect EHR Features

Let’s dive into the features that ChartPerfect EHR offers. Other than specialty-specific EHR features, ChartPerfect offers Electronic Prescriptions, Clinical Chart Notes, Patients education, Patient portal, Role-based Dashboards, Diagnostic Interface, and whatnot. Clinical Chart notes mean quicker and faster follow up notes in under 2 minutes. The diagnostic interface helps in ordering diagnostics and getting results electronically, including images. The patient portal has all the medical information of all the patients. This means that there will be no need to look for data in files for hours because it can be done automatically in less than a minute. Whether it’s medical history, diagnosis, or treatment information, everything can be accessed at any time. Lab orders is another EHR Feature that helps all doctors a lot as all the tests can be ordered through EHR Software and the results can be accessed online. 

ChartPerfect EHR Features are extremely useful and important for any medical specialty. These features help improve efficiency rapidly. Tasks are done quicker and more accurately. Since most of the work is automated, the chance of errors decreases. The tasks are done in a more environmentally friendly manner as the use of paper is decreased. Documentation is faster, attestation is made easier, with the help of this EHR Software. Moreover, there is less clutter as documents are saved in one place and the need for files is reduced. Files are more secure and more organized. For a better understanding of these features and how they are going to help your firm/organization, you can get ChartPerfect EHR Demo and figure out whether you like or not for yourself. 

3. ChartPerfect EHR & Practice Management

ChartPerfect also offers Practice Management solutions which makes it a very suitable software for many Specialties. It has all the PM features that help get things done quickly and efficiently. ChartPerfect PM makes sure that your daily operations are done quickly and smoothly. It is integrated with EHR AND RCM which makes it the best. Let’s move on to how PM benefits any organization. ChartPerfect PM makes scheduling very simple as it handles all the messages, appointment scheduling, and canceling issues, and also keeps a check on every patient’s appointment.  

Not only does ChartPerfect PM manage appointments, but also takes care of Charge processing, has innovative billing tools, Financial reporting, Appointment reminders, and so much more. All these features help improve Clinical efficiency and productivity, along with making work smooth and simple. You can rely on ChartPerfect PM for financial concerns and Appointment dealing and other stuff like information access, templates, lab orders, etc, you can use its EHR features. You get solutions to almost every problem on this EHR Software so you should consider it if you want to invest in a good EHR Software. Let’s now move on to what users like and dislike about this EHR Software. 

4. Pros and Cons

According to ChatPerfect EHR Reviews, it’s pretty evident that many users love how flexible this software is. Users experienced a positive change in the communication area and seem to be happy with the features of the template. People experienced improved efficiency and improved quality of care after the installation of this EHR Software. ChartPerfect has amazing customer staff as they are always there whenever you have the tiniest issues. However, like every other EHR Software, ChartPerfect EMR Demo  has some drawbacks. Users have experienced lagging issues with certain features. 

5. ChartPerfect EHR Pricing

ChartPerfect EHR Pricing depends on your occupation. For example, for Physician levels, the starting price is $499 a month/ per provider. Similarly, for Mid-level, the price is $399 per month/ per provider so you can choose the best possible option for you to get the right price.





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