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October 22, 2021

How does Cenforce treat erectile dysfunction? This question often occurs in the mind of a person suffering from ED. It is always good to know how a medication like Cenforce treats erectile dysfunction? Let us take a look at the answers to these questions.

How does Cenforce treat erectile dysfunction?

Cenforce is an amazing antidepressant medication that helps people suffering from Erectile Dysfunction by improving their quality of erections. The generic name of this amazing drug is Sildenafil citrate. So Cenforce is also referred to as Sildenafil. There are multiple other things that cause Erectile Dysfunction out of which Erectile Dysfunction is one of the common symptoms.

How does Cenforce help to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction? 

According to the experts, Sildenafil can increase the blood flow into the penile shaft and thereby improving the quality of erections. This in turn helps to boost the performance of the male organ. Moreover this antidepressant medication helps the male organ to maintain a strong erection for a longer duration and thus improve sexual health. One of the major side effects of this medication is the increase in blood pressure so it is suggested to consult a doctor before taking this tablet.

How does Cenforce treat erectile dysfunction?

 The active ingredient in Cenforce tablets is Sildenafil, a natural antidepressant drug derived from plant cells. The drug works by inhibiting the production of nitric oxide, a chemical that dilates blood vessels and enables smooth blood flow to the male organ. Nitric oxide is responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to the male organ during sexual activity.

Does this medication have any side effects? 

The only side effects of Cenforce tablets are the mild ones such as headache, moderate nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. In addition to this, there is no harm felt by pregnant women. However, if you suffer from allergies, talk to your physician before using this medication. In case of oral allergies, you should discontinue using the medication and contact your physician.

What are some of the unwanted side effects of Cenforce tablets? 

The foremost side effects of Cenforce tablets are diarrhea and dizziness. These side effects are common and minor. But if the dosage of this medication is prolonged, there are chances of these side effects increasing, which might be dangerous for you.

Is it possible to use this medication for treating erectile dysfunction?

 Yes, you can definitely use this tablet for treating erectile dysfunction. The supplement works by increasing nitric oxide within your body. It does this by dilating the blood vessels that carry blood towards your penis. With the help of the supplement, your blood flow to your male organ increases and this results in harder erections.

How long does it take to treat erectile dysfunction using cenforce 100 work? 

Well, the amount of time taken varies from individual to individual. It mostly takes about 3 weeks to notice any positive changes. If your medical condition is mild, then it might take a slightly longer period of time to see a positive change. In case your medical condition is severe, then you should consult your doctor for a faster result.

What are the possible side effects of cenforce 150? 

Some of the common side effects include mild headaches, anxiety, upset stomach, diarrhea, gas, itching and others. However, these are minor side effects and they can easily be treated using the medication. You can expect an increase in your sex drive as soon as your body gets used to this medication. The good news is that you can also perform exercises on this medication and this will speed up the effects of the medication.

How much of this tablet should you take?

Generally, one-half of a tablet is enough to treat male sexual problems effectively. If you wish to achieve faster results, then you can combine two tablets of cenforce 100 mg with some water or juice.

What is the recommended dosage of cenforce 150mg?

 You should not exceed this recommended dosage as it may lead to dangerous side effects. If you have any other prescription medicines, please do not combine these with the sildenafil citrate tablets. This includes Viagra, Levitra and Cialis. Consult your doctor before combining any of these prescription medicines.

How does cenforce Compare With Other Treatments For ED? 


Other than Viagra, the other medications used in the treatment of ED are also prescribed by the doctors. These include beta blockers, diuretics, antiplatelets, antidepressants and nitroglycerine. However, none of them can provide a permanent cure for ED as compared to Isosorbide. Therefore, when you decide to treat your ED with Isosorbide, please consult your doctor before you take any other drugs.

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