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The main campus of Cagayan State University is the Andrew Campus. It offers the maximum number of graduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Cagayan. The University of the Philippines College of Medicine offers various courses in this field. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has doctors in veterinary medicine.

Step 1: Fill out the application form at Cagayan State University for the desired course. Step 2: Once the form has been approved by the university, the applicant will receive a letter of offer, which will be saved for future use. CAGAYAN State University approvals are based on advice from scientists.

The University offers graduate and bachelor programs at the University of Cagayan Province. It offers courses in liberal arts, social sciences, law, medicine, related professions, economics, natural sciences, engineering and engineering, agriculture, fisheries and others.

The admissions process at Cagayan State University in Tuguegarao is based on a consultation round and academic progress. Students are advised to read the above points carefully to avoid any kind of rejection. Fill out the application form for the desired institute in the right place.

The Cagayan State University of Tuguegarao (CSU) the Philippines is a public university in the Philippines. It is one of the state-approved MBBS universities in the country and is located in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, Philippines. The CSU has been providing international and local students from all over the country for six years. It was founded in the year of 11 June 1978.

Cagayan State University has carved out its own niche in the global academic community. It is recognised by the entire region and the nation as a credible and respected university centre in northern Luzon. The CSU is striving to improve its record in education.

According to the NMC, Cagayan State University’s admission requirements include eligibility for the NEET exam. International students seeking admission should check the eligibility of the university. The basic qualification of Indian students for admission to CAGANU is that they must have at least 50% in physics, chemistry and biology. The university also offers MBBS courses for international and local students.

Cagayan State University hostel accommodations are diverse, ranging from dormitories to single rooms. Each boarding school has three students and its own kitchen where you can prepare food of your choice. The remaining single rooms are equipped with their own washrooms and a kitchen for cooking preferred meals.

The Choir and Ensemble of the State University of Cagayan under the direction of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs Fr. Aquino has visited Malaysia, Macau, Busan City, South Korea and Rome, among others. They performed all over the country and with the Santo Tomas University Symphony Orchestra.

The newly elected chairman of the CSU is the honorary chairman. Romeo R. Quilang, Ph.D. He was appointed CSU chairman after previously being president of Isabela State University. He took office as Perez’s successor when his four-year term expired in 2016.

The novel seal of the State University of Cagayan is a coat of arms shield with gills and chestnut colour. A map of the university and its services in the province that is most dear to the institution is displayed on a golden field. The common reproach is underlined by the fact that the educational institution is presented as a book, a source of knowledge, skill and value, a source of life and a torch, indicating that it is the source of light and human enlightenment in the region.

The training is carried out by 899 teachers and professors. Tuition fees are not too high and students can apply for scholarships. The university accepts both local and foreign students. Students can also participate in various exchange programs.

MBBs have the opportunity to study abroad and obtain their MBBS degree at a foreign university or at another foreign university abroad. Romania, Poland, Germany, Belarus and Georgia are some of the most popular destinations for MBBS in Europe.

One of the distinguishing features of the university is the innovative system that Dr. Perez has introduced to streamline fees. Under this program, students do not pay tuition fees. Instead, they pay escrow fees of between two thousand and three thousand pesos per semester, which are used for specific purposes such as library and laboratory facilities and infrastructure development.

These nine existing state institutions are spread across the length and breadth of Cagayan Province. It should be noted that the various merger schools began as primary, technical and secondary schools to reflect the educational needs of the communities in which they were then located and founded. Its founding year is when the law was passed to mark its original founding. Rationalised by issues of efficiency and effectiveness, colleges, courses and other smaller institutions have been made an integral part of the university system under the supervision and control of the former Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECS).

You must register at the registry office on campus where you want to take the test or course. You can register on any working day of the week. Your registration fee will be refunded if the proper notice is given.

Carino application for the opening of the CSU University of Applied Sciences. The operating licence has been signed by Honor. Franklin Drilon, Executive Secretary under the authority of the President of the Republic of the Philippines, who approved the establishment of the College of Medicines, subject to compliance with the WEIT provisions of CS Order No.

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