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October 16, 2021



Do you want to build your own WordPress webshop ? Then you will soon think that this is impossible and that this will not work. Yet building your own webshop doesn’t have to be that difficult, because in this day and age there are plenty of programs with which you can build a professional and sleek webshop in no time without technical knowledge.


Since I have noticed that there is a lot of demand for a manual / step-by-step plan for building a webshop, I wrote this manual. In this manual I take you step by step through the process of setting up a professional and functional webshop yourself without technical knowledge. Let’s get started quickly, because the sooner we start, the sooner your own webshop will be online!


Why build your own WordPress Webshop yourself?

An important question that you should ask yourself beforehand is why do I need a webshop? Personally, I think that most people can already answer this, because often you want to sell products online. In most cases it concerns your own product, but you can also use this guide to set up a webshop for dropshipping , affiliate marketing or any kind of e-commerce.


Has your company been hit hard by the coronavirus because you were not yet active online? Then it is useful to become active online immediately, because the internet is the future and everyone with their own company should be active on this.


A few years ago, building a website was still a very complicated job. Let alone building a webshop, because this was even more difficult. For example, you needed knowledge of different programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and you had to be able to make connections with payment systems. Based on this, I can certainly imagine that you think that building a webshop will be too difficult for you, but I have good news.


Since the advent of WordPress, building a website and webshop has become much easier. In fact, it has become possible for everyone to build their own WordPress website or webshop. In this guide, I’ll take you step-by-step through this entire process and show you which programs I’ll be using and how it all works. Do you still have questions afterwards? Then you can always ask this at the bottom of this page.


Who is this guide for?

Building your own WordPress webshop can be done on many different levels. And because there is so much difference between them, it is good to know in advance who this manual is most suitable for.


I made this guide for the real beginners who have never worked with WordPress themselves. They will therefore not know how all this works and what exactly they should do. That’s why I’m going to explain it all step by step in this manual.


Do you already have some experience? That does not mean that this manual is not suitable for you. I am sure that you can also get very useful information from this that you can benefit from. You can also make it as difficult for yourself as you want, because the tools I use in this manual have all the functionalities and possibilities that you could use to build your own WordPress webshop.

Choosing a domain name & web hosting

Creating a business email address that matches your domain name

Installing WordPress on your domain name

Correct WordPress settings for optimal results

Choosing and setting up a WordPress theme

Creating the pages and setting the menu

How you can build the pages with a page builder

Explanation about WooCommerce and how it works exactly

Get found on Google

Putting your webshop live & maintaining

Build your own webshop cheaply? Don’t just use anything!

If you have already done some research on the internet about building your own WordPress webshop, then you have undoubtedly come across the following ways. Google is full of free alternatives to build your own webshop.


This all seems very nice and easy at first, but in practice, it is just a bit different. When you choose this free option, you do not have your own domain name, your webshop is often very slow, you cannot work with WordPress, you have little or no influence on the search engine friendliness and you can actually assume that you will not receive any visitors at all. is going to get.


By making a small investment in your own webshop, you can immediately get rid of all these problems. For example, you can choose your own domain name, you have a super-fast webshop, your webshop is optimized for Google, which means that you will be found higher in Google and will get more visitors. In addition, the customer service is also a lot better and you will always be helped well. Do you really want to get started with your webshop? Then I really advise you to make a small investment, because this will yield so much more results.


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