Breathe Easier: Effective Housecleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

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House cleaning is a necessary chore that helps keep a home tidy and hygienic. No matter how busy you are, you cannot escape from doing household chores. Otherwise, your house would become a horrible place to live. 

However, for people with allergies, cleaning can be a daunting task. Allergic reactions can be triggered by the very products used for cleaning, making the process uncomfortable and even dangerous. 

To cater so, a reputed maid service agency in San Diego provides some useful tips for keeping your home clean while minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction.

House Cleaning Tips For Allergic People

No doubt that deep cleaning your house is easy but if you are allergic to dirt, dust, grime, or other cleaning substances, then it can seem like a challenge to you. Because once you come in touch with the allergic substances, it’s going to be difficult for you.  

Consequently, here are some tips to make house cleaning easy for you especially if you are allergic to particular substances. 

Use Natural Cleaning Products

Synthetic cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can trigger allergies, so it’s best to switch to natural alternatives. For example, white vinegar and baking soda are effective and safe cleaning agents that can be used to clean surfaces, floors, and even fabric.

Consequently, avoid using the commercial cleaners available in the market as this may aggravate your allergy. 

Avoid Dust Mites

The next best way to keep yourself away from catching allergies is to avoid dust mites. Dust mites come when you have a pile of clothing or boxes lying up. These tend to hide allergens and make you unwell when you clean your house. 

To minimize their presence in your home, keep surfaces clean and vacuum regularly. Wash bedding and other linens in hot water, and use allergy-proof covers for mattresses, pillows, and comforters.

Keep Pets Clean

Gone are the days when people were afraid of keeping pets now, every other person is seen having a dog or cat as their pet. Having a pet is good until you need to deal with their hair. 

Pets can carry allergens on their fur, so it’s important to keep them clean. Bathe your pets regularly and vacuum your home to remove pet hair and dander. Keep pets out of the bedroom to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction while sleeping.

Follow a schedule 

The next best way to keep yourself safe during house cleaning is to follow a schedule. Make a cleaning schedule and try to clean the areas with accumulated dirt daily or weekly. This will prevent the dirt from compiling up and also keep you safe. 

Consequently, having a cleaning schedule is a must if you are allergic to particular substances. 

Use HEPA Filters

Using HEPA filters in your air purifiers is also a great way to keep the air quality clean. HEPA filters can effectively remove allergens from the air. But you need to clean the filters at regular intervals to increase their life and make them work well. 

Consequently, Install HEPA filters in your home’s air conditioning and heating system, and replace the filters regularly to ensure they are working effectively.

Clean Regularly

Nothing is best than doing regular cleaning every day. Regular cleaning helps keep allergens at bay. Moreover, when you clean your house regularly, this does not lead to accumulated dirt and grime. 

Make it a habit to wipe down surfaces, vacuum, and wash bedding and linens regularly to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction.


By following these tips, you can keep your home clean while minimizing the risk of an allergic reaction. It may take a bit more time and effort, but the payoff is worth it. A clean and allergy-free home is a healthier and more comfortable place to live.

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