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September 21, 2021


The new 2-series sedan, which we sampled in BMW 228i xDrive guise for this check, is infrequently a minicar, casting nearly the identical shadow because the 2007 BMW 335i I once owned. Yet, regardless of its front-drive-primarily based layout, which guarantees higher packaging efficiency, this BMW 228i has much less indoors room than my vintage 3-series, especially with inside the rear, in which each dimension is smaller than the older vehicle’s. You can also check out the BMW 228i Engine – Complete Guide.

The front-seat area, however, is roomy and well arranged. The riding role is higher than in lots of large BMWs due to the fact you may role the steerage column low sufficient in order that it factors at your higher frame and now no longer your head. The minor controls also are nicely laid out, and the ultra-modern iDrive infotainment device works superbly—because it does on all contemporary-day BMWs—when you get used to its obtuse menu arrangement.


Drives like a BMW

From the outside, the 228i is an anodyne-searching machine. Were it not for the fake twin-nose grilles—they seem like blocked, with a maximum of the airflow coming from below—it’d be tough to discover it as a BMW. It does not actually have the Hofmeister kink, that ahead reduce on the main fringe of the C-pillar that has characterized BMWs for almost 60 years. However, as that layout element has been stated to signify rear-wheel pressure, possibly its absence displays sure layout integrity.


Fittingly for a BMW, the excellent part of the BMW 228i is riding it. The steerage is correct and responsive without feeling skittish. There isn’t always a massive quantity of comments from the front tires, however, the vehicle is going right away in which you factor it. Although there are tiers of guidance effort, the Comfort mode feels extra linear than the Sport setting, which provides a synthetic on-middle weightiness. In neither model did we stumble on even a touch of torque steer.


In regular riding, the all-wheel-pressure BMW 228i xDrive offers a comfortable, nicely-managed experience that even takes potholes in affordable stride—and that is in spite of low-profile 18-inch 225/40R-18 run-flat tires suited to our check vehicle.


Pushed tough withinside the Rocky Mountain foothills close to Denver, the BMW 228i plays nicely, however without the playful cap potential to stability the managing that rear-pressure BMWs provide. Perhaps that is due to the fact 58. eight percent of the BMW 228i’s 3517-pound weight sits on its front wheels. Only 52. four percent of the present-day 330i xDrive’s weight does. Though the BMW 228i does not understeer significantly, its rear stop does not need to step out at all. If our check vehicle’s 0. eighty-five g of cornering grip appears low and its 176-foot 70-mph-to-0 preventing distance long, hold in thoughts that we have been on Bridgestone Turanza LS001 all-season tires. The turn facet of that much less-performance-orientated setup changed into first-rate traction and balance on a treacherous snowy day whilst several automobiles ended up in ditches.


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Ample Turbo Power

The BMW 228i places its traction to exact use, correctly harnessing the strength of its engine. This detuned model of BMW’s turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 develops 228 horsepower and 258 lb-feet of torque, that’s extra than 10 percentage much less than the engine promises withinside the 330i. Compared to the M235i Gran Coupe model (that we’ve but to check), the BMW 228i is down seventy-three horses and seventy-four lb-feet. Yet, the acceleration of the BMW 228i is simply equal to that of the 330i xDrive that we examined for the remaining year. Only 5.1 seconds is wanted to hit 60 mph, and the automobile covers the quarter-mile in 13. eight seconds at ninety-nine mph.


As with maximum small turbocharged engines, there’s a chunk of faster lag in case you flat-foot the throttle from a status start. At altitude, that is exaggerated, and it appears to take beats earlier than the engine promises its excellent. This isn’t always apparent for the duration of mild riding. Once underway, thrust is instant and plentiful, with the BMW 228i handing over a first-rate, if artificially improved soundtrack.


Compared with the 330i, the BMW 228i is geared shorter anywhere however in fourth gear. First gear, that’s crucial to a terrific launch, is extra than 10 percent lower. The disadvantage of that is that the smaller, lighter, and much less effective BMW 228i receives a fractionally poorer gas economy than the 330i xDrive. Rated through the EPA at 23 mpg town and 33 mpg toll road, the one’s figures are 2 and 1 mpg much less, respectively, than its large sibling’s. That stated, the 228 is as a substitute fueled correctly. We measured 37 mpg over our 75-mph toll road check (1 mpg much less than the 330i xDrive).


This brings us to the lowest line. The base fee of the BMW 228i xDrive is $38,495, in comparison with $43,745 for a 330i xDrive. That’s a financial savings of $5250. Of course, few of those automobiles are probably to be bought as base models. For our money, we might pay more for the roomier, extra attractive, and higher managing 330i. We would possibly even pick out the rear-pressure 330i and reduce that top rate to $2000.



In the end, the maximum loved quality related to BMW, riding pleasure, remains masses in evidence, however, right here it’s were given a unique flavor. While the coupe/cabriolet duo banks at the antique formula, the 2 Series Gran Coupe falls extra into the territory of the MINI division. I couldn’t keep away from the sensation I was riding a MINI Countryman S, even though it’s additionally glaring BMW’s engineers have been capable of make their modifications to make this little vehicle a real Beemer.

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