Best Ways To Entertain Yourself During A Lockdown

The world is currently facing a worldwide health crisis, thanks to the pandemic called Covid-19. This unruly disease has caused drastic limitations to personal interactions, forcing economies to shut down and people to stay home. As a result, people are looking for more ways to keep themselves from being bored during the lockdown.

New things to try while staying at home

Before the pandemic, people were so busy with their lives that they did not have time to get bored. Boredom is actually the feeling you get whenever you have too much time on your hands that you do not know what to do with. That is why being stuck at home is the perfect breeding ground for such emotional repercussions.

Also, being inside the house all the time increases the repetition of routines. This can also increase the sense of wanting to do other things but being unable to. To avoid this, one must venture out in search of new activities that will yield satisfying and excitable feelings.

Many people have resorted online to find ways to combat boredom. Thankfully the internet has a myriad of entertainment solutions. But, with so many options available, finding the right activity can be hard.

Hence, below are some new ways to entertain yourself during lockdown:

Learn a new skill

Want to Boost Your Confidence? Consider Learning a New Skill | by Thomas  Oppong | Medium

The world wide web offers open access to free resources to gain new knowledge. There are various platforms, like Skillshare and Youtube, that have thousands of available tutorials. All of which provide intensive step-by-step guides that let people comfortably learn a skill without leaving their homes.

Through these platforms, you can learn how to cook, do pottery, paint, write, sing, dance, learn a new language, and a whole lot more. As long as people continue to share their talents and how to do it, you can literally find a tutorial on just about anything online!

Enroll in online courses

MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are gaining blatant popularity since the beginning of everyone’s stay-at-home saga. Aside from the lack of having other better things to do at home, people resorted to enrolling in online courses to remain relevant in their careers.

Due to the worldwide economic recession, many jobs are now in vulnerable states. Meaning, if you do not improve your credentials or keep up to date on industry trends, you can possibly lose your source of living.

On a lighter note, enrolling in online courses such as MOOCs is a good way to keep yourself busy. It lets you earn new and practical knowledge that will surely yield essential career benefits. And since most of these classes offer a virtual classroom setting, you can also engage yourself with different people from across the world as your classmates. Fun, right?

Open a business

How to start a business: 2020 guide

When you have extra time on your hands, why not try and invest in something? Open up an online business and spend your time earning instead of sitting around and passing the time.

Some good business ideas during a pandemic would be selling commodities or offering delivery services. For example, you can buy and sell basic personal protective equipment like face masks and shields or alcohols and sanitizers. You can also try to do grocery runs for your neighbors or help them buy something outside and deliver it straight to their homes.

However, do not forget to always take precautionary measures whenever you are going out. This includes wearing a mask and constantly sanitizing your hands. Also, do not forget to immediately take your bath and change your clothes every time you get home. This will help you keep your household from contracting the virus.

Organize your home

The best way to keep yourself preoccupied during lockdown is to do household chores. Whenever you have some time to spare, why not go through your old stuff and see which ones need to go and which ones have to stay? Declutter your space by throwing out unnecessary belongings that do not serve any purpose at all.

Also, organizing your place can help you relive old memories as you go through memorabilia that hold sentimental values. This can also promote a bonding activity for the family. Besides that, maintaining a neat environment increases your productivity, motivating you to do more things that can stop you from being bored.

Read MTL Novels

Online Kitap Okumak Nedir? E-Book Okuma Programları - KİTAP - Kafakalem

Aside from self-help activities, like cleaning, investing, and learning skills, you can always try traditional leisure activities like reading. While you are at it, it is best to indulge yourself in new selections like MTL light novels.

What are MTL light novels? These are short online novel series, mostly from China, that are automatically converted into your native language from its original form through machine translation.

These are similar to paperback novels but are much easier to read since there are no large blocks of texts, just a seamless flow of story and conversation. Most MTL novels are in the genres of transmigration and fantasy. Hence, it is the best form of entertainment to stir your creative juices.

You can find a huge selection of light novels from MTLNovel. The website offers updated translations of RAW novels using machine translation mechanisms. Therefore, you do not have to wait long to gain access to understandable plotlines.

The pandemic prompted an increase in mental health issues in 2020. As more people stay at home, doing the same routine every day with limited interpersonal relations, anxiety, and stress levels increase. All of which are also caused by boredom.

That is why it is important to find new things to do, even if you are just staying home. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Hence, try out the activities mentioned above and have a productive lockdown.


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