Best Places To Visit In France Outside Of Paris

France is one of the most common tourist attraction places and most populated destination located in Europe. It contains a wide mixture of history, culture and entertainment, which results in historic cities having monuments, mountain ranges and beaches which makes the country one of the best places for a holiday. While planning a trip to Europe, specifically France, Paris is one thing which strikes first, but can be neglected due to having more variety of Best Places To Visit In France Outside Of Paris.

Some of the places which can be visited are as follows:


Palace de Versailles: The purpose of setting up Palace de Versailles was to be the hunting lodge and the retreat for the French Royal Family. Later on, it was transformed into a monumental architecture, the reason being the celebration of the power of the king.

The palace and it’s ground portray the vibe of celebrations when France was projected to be the power of the world throughout. Also, the beautiful attraction consists of large paintings, huge lush gardens, fountains and cooling canals.


French Riviera: The French Riviera is one of the most visited tourist attractions in France from all of Europe. It’s one of the famous points to relax and beat the heat in the summer. This is located at the meditterian coast having vast varieties of things to do such as mixing with film stars, counting chips in casinos, which can be enjoyed from having a family to a group of friends to enjoy vacations. 

Also the Formula One circuits are located on the main roads in Monaco. One could also pop up to Eze and discover the trade secrets of French Perfumes which are famous around the world.

Puy du Fou: It is the tenth most visited theme park in Europe with approximately 2 million visitors a year. It has a beautiful surrounding of a vibe which provides a geenful set up. Also, there have been shows with real actors and effects that are similar to what is portrayed in a movie. This place provides quality time to spend with family and friends and a lot of great experiences. Additionally, since it’s a tourist attraction, it has hotels, restaurants and many other facilities one needs for the family.

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Futuroscope: This theme park is said to be one of the very different from the concept which is prevailing. This means it consists of watching movies on giant screens, 3D and 4D rides with effects and hosts about 25 live shows with real-life experienced people from the industry. It has also been ranked as the top 20 theme parks in Europe for it’s heavy green lushes located along the countryside and providing customers with the best of the facilities possible. The attractions could lead to having a dance with robots, entering a dark room with flashing lights, having hands into the robots. The Arthur 4D experience is something which is beyond expectations, wherein one straps back in their chairs and it feels like it’s actually flying.

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