Best Online Institutes for Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Europe

Yin Yoga is one of the most common types of yoga, because of its benefits on the human body and mind, it is practiced all over the world. In Europe, it is one of the most practiced types of yoga and this trend is still on the rise. There is a huge demand for yin yoga teachers in online and offline classes. To fill the gap, a lot of ashrams are working online and offline to provide the best Yin yoga teacher training to the people who want to join the yin yoga family. And I want to teach this type of yoga to other people. 

Yin Yoga is a style of yoga practice that requires slow movements of the body, to provide calmness and positivity in the body. There are a lot of benefits to practicing it. As it provides our bodies the required strength, stability, and flexibility that we need. Not only this, but it also impacts our overall brain activity and provides a moment of pause to our brain so that it can recover itself.  Below is a list of the five best institutes for yin yoga teacher training that you should join in Europe to become a yin yoga teacher. 

Arhanta Yoga:

Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the biggest names in yoga ashrams and schools in Europe. They offer multiple types of yoga courses to students worldwide. They have offices all across the globe and they are also offering online courses as well. Arhanta Yoga Ashram is also offering complete courses on yin yoga to willing students. 

If you live in Europe and want to become a certified Yin yoga teacher, Arhanta yoga ashram is the best place to start your yoga training. They offer many small courses such as 20 hours to 50 hours and also long courses such as 100 to 500 hours long yoga courses. At the end of the course, you are awarded a certificate that is valid worldwide. With the help of this certificate, you can join any yoga association that you want. You can also find students from worldwide and teach them Yin yoga after that certification. 

Yoga East-West:

Yoga East-west is also one of the biggest yoga schools that are offering both online and offline classes. One can join the yoga east-west school to do Yin yoga teacher training. The Yoga east-west has an association with institutes worldwide. This means you can join any institute or organization after completing your Yin yoga teacher training from Yoga east-west. Not only this, but they also have expert teachers that are very hardworking and they would teach you all the aspects of Yin yoga teacher training. 

As this is an online Yin yoga teacher training program, this means it can be accessed from anywhere in the world regardless of your location. You can register on their website and start receiving lectures from expert yoga teachers. At the end of the course, you will complete the course and receive your certification that is valid worldwide for membership and also for teaching Yin yoga. 

Green Yoga:

If you want to learn authentic yoga from Indian teachers, Green Yoga is one of the best places to start. It is based in India and teachers at this school have learned from the local gurus and yogis who have spent their lives learning about it. It is also an online school, which means you will receive online lectures and course material that you can record and print and learn at your own pace. 

Not only this, but Green Yoga also offers multiple types of training, including yin yoga teacher training. There are many small and long Yin yoga courses that you can join and complete. After the completion of these courses, you will be able to get the certification that would allow you to teach students from across the world. Also, you can use this certification to join or become a member of worldwide yoga associations. This would help you start your new career as a yoga teacher to attract your students and gain their trust. 

Yoga Alliance:

Yoga Alliance is an international organization that also operates in Europe. They offer all types of yoga training, including Yin yoga teacher training as well. One can join these classes through their offline retreats or online yoga classes. If you want to get a Yin yoga certificate that is associated with Yoga Alliance International, it is one of the best places to start learning Yin Yoga. 

Yoga Alliance offers many courses including short, 20 to 50 hours Yin yoga courses and long 100 to 500 hours yoga courses. At the end of the course, every participant receives an online certificate that allows them to teach yoga to other people. So, after the completion of the Yin Yoga teacher training course from Yoga Alliance, one can start teaching Yin Yoga internationally. 

School of Yin Yoga:

It is an international Yin yoga school that teaches the people who want to get certified in Yin yoga. As their name suggests, the main style of yoga that they teach here is Yin yoga. This means the teachers here are experts in Yin yoga teacher training. They offer many short and long courses related to Yin yoga teacher training. 

After you complete the training and gain your certificate, you can also teach yoga to international students if you want. It is associated with many international organizations which means you can also become an associate after that. 


Yin yoga is one of the most practiced yoga styles in Europe. A lot of people like it and want to learn to practice it. This has created an opportunity for the yin yoga teachers to start teaching as professionals. But to do so, they first need to complete a Yin yoga teacher training program. Arhanta Yoga Ashram is one of the best places if you want to learn from authentic yoga gurus about the yin yoga teacher training.





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