Best Nursery School in Kolkata

October 30, 2021

Finding a good primary school is one of the main tasks parents have to face while routing the educational journey of their child. This decision is one of the most crucial ones as it lays the foundation for a child’s education. It is often advised that parents must try to send their children to the same school from primary to intermediate level. This tends to foster a sense of stability which helps in balancing the child’s mental health, boosts confidence, and helps the child in forming a healthy relationship with his or her alma mater. The lessons a child learns at school remain with him/her throughout life. A good school provides holistic development to children, besides laying a foundation for their cognitive development. Since primary schools hold such great importance in laying down the future of an individual, there are various factors that must be considered while making a decision. Here are a few factors you can keep in mind while trying to find the best nursery school for your child:

1. The Board: Do have an understanding of what board you want your child to study with. Central boards such as CBSE are highly advised as they tend to provide a great foundation for building a child’s educational journey. The Central Board of Secondary Education follows an effective and systematic curriculum as laid down in the NCERT books. These books are easily affordable and very helpful for children to clear their basic concepts and prepare for competitive examinations.

2. The Faculty: You are planning to leave your child away from you for hours regularly. Make sure that the teachers you entrust your child with are trained a well as reliable. A school builds its reputation by the quality of staff it hires. To make sure that the people are right for your child to spend time with, have frequent conversations with the teachers. You may also talk to a senior’s parents or someone else who has had any experience with the school.

3. The Objectives: Each school has a set of aims and objectives that it wants its students to achieve. These goals lay the groundwork for the environment that is maintained in the school premises. Have a clear understanding of the school’s aims and the plans laid out to achieve them.

4. Class Strength: Young students require special focus and attention when it comes to learning. Go for a school where the class strength is manageable for the teacher so that he/she can provide individual attention to every child. Do have a frequent word with the teacher so that they can inform you about the child’s progress and the areas that require more effort.


The Summit School is considered to be the best nursery school in Kolkata. Part of the reason for such a reputation is the faculty. The staff is well trained and very passionate about helping children learn and grow in a peaceful environment. The other reason is the school’s philosophy. The school has its foundational philosophy rooted with those of Swami Vivekananda. The school recognises the importance of education for each child and works hard as a body to make society a better place by helping better individuals evolve. Enroll your child at the best nursery school in Kolkata today!

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