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Best Country to Start a Career after Studying Abroad

For every Indian student, not only choosing the top study abroad destination is a must but also considering that the destination should offer post-study work opportunities is paramount. Every Indian student plan to study abroad to gain some work experience as well. Later they either plan to stay and work abroad or come back to their country and use their skills and experience for the betterment of their homeland. If you are planning to study and work abroad, it may interest you that there are certain countries which allow their international student to work in their country after the completion of their education but not all county follow the same policy. In this article, we will highlight the top best countries which allow their international students to stay back. This article will inform about the best job market.

You must be aware that destinations like The US & U.K are the top chosen destination among Indian students who wish to study abroad but currently, Countries like Canada, Australia, and Germany are no less as due to their easy visa policies, immigration opportunities, and job market with higher opportunities, students are choosing these destinations for the completion of their higher education. In this article, we will highlight all the Countries providing job opportunities after the completion of your education abroad.


Top chosen foreign destination, Australia is home to some of the best Universities. Every Indian student who is either studying in Australia or planning to study in Australia is eligible to stay back and work in Australia for 2 Years, irrespective of your area of specialization. However, you need to clear certain eligibility criteria to be qualified. Requirements are listed below-

  • Degree of either Bachelor and Master’s program
  • Ph.D.
  • A score of IELTS should be not less than 6 (overall Band Score of 6.5)
  • A score of PTE should be not less than 50 (Overall 6.5)
  • Proof of 2 years of study in Australia
  • Students doing Diploma or any other certification program are not eligible to work in Australia


Successful Canadian student education concept. Holding books and graduation cap over Canada flag background.

Most Indian students choose Canada for the completion of their higher education due to their friendly environment, native and immigration policies. So, if you are planning to study in Canada, you have made just the right choice for yourself. Not only does it offer a globally recognized degree and acknowledged for a robust economy, but you are also eligible to stay and work in Canada for 3 Years. To stay and work in Canada, you are required to fill certain criteria. Requirements are listed below-

Your age must be more than 18 years

Proof of 12 months of study in Canada


One of the popular studies abroad destinations in a current scenario, Germany is coming out as a Top chosen destination for higher education. Not only it offers the best and excellent quality of education, but it is also very much affordable. So, if you complete your education in Germany, you are eligible to stay and work in Germany for 1 Year 6 Months (Residence Permit). To stay and work in Germany, you are required to apply for Residence Permit in your local foreign national’s registration office which will allow you to stay and work in Germany for 18 months. You can also look for employment during this duration and if you get it, you can apply for a German Residence Permit or Germany EU Blue Card.


Ireland is also emerging as the top chosen destination among Indian students as the Irish degree is industry-oriented and aims to make every graduate and postgraduate very much employable and professional. who are planning to study abroad So, if you are studying in Ireland or planning to complete your higher education from Ireland, you are eligible to stay and work in Ireland for 12 months All the post-graduate students are eligible to stay and work in Ireland for 24 Months

Benefits and studying and working in countries like The US & U.K are very aware but Today, countries like Canada, Germany, Ireland and Australia and touching heights are chosen by all the International students. If you wish to know more about employment in these countries, feel free to Contact Admissify today. Our experts will guide you throughout and help you in making the right choice for your better future. Admissify aims that your stay is comfortable and memorable. Visit our office today and get all the necessary information related to an affordable place to study Abroad or visit for more information and get connected with us today.





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