Best CBSE High School in Kolkata

Choosing a high school for your child is an extremely complex and exhausting activity. The entire future of your child seems to depend upon this decision and you can not go wrong here. A high school experience remains with an individual for a lifetime both in memories as well as for practical purposes. It is this environment that actually shapes the personality of a person and helps in determining what path he or she would take in the life ahead. Therefore, as parents, it becomes a very crucial responsibility to check for all minute details while selecting a high school for their children. Here is a check-list you could follow while choosing the best CBSE high school in Kolkata:

  1. Small Classes: Popular schools usually go on hoarding students without improving the strength of their staff. This is where they lose their charm and become factories printing out board results. The sign of an actually sustainable good school lies in the strength of their classes. A limited number of students implies that each child receives individual attention which is very important especially when these children are preparing for their high school board examinations.
  2. Career Counseling: A good school never overlooks the future of its children. Therefore, the school makes sure that each child receives valuable guidance regarding his or her career. This not only leaves children optimistic and filled with confidence but also helps them in deciding what stream they should take in the future courses of their education. Career counseling is especially necessary in the case of children who do not feel an inclination towards putting their best efforts in their education.
  3. Qualified and Experienced Staff: During school time, children tend to look up to their teachers and follow their ideals. If the teachers in the school are well inclined towards providing value education to them, it proves to be very beneficial for children. The staff in a good school is not only well qualified in terms of education for their field of teaching, but also has enough experience to guide them properly while students prepare for their board examinations. A good teacher also motivates children every now and then by providing them with real-life examples of people who succeed.
  4. Extra-Curricular Activities: Though usually neglected, extra-curricular activities are extremely important for children especially when they are preparing for entering colleges. Higher education is not simply about getting good grades and building a mark sheet. If you want your child to actually succeed in pursuing what they desire, make sure that they develop the confidence, which usually comes with regular participation in extra-curricular activities. A good school makes sure that each child participates in at least one extra-curricular activity, and regular events are organised to provide them with ample opportunities to do so. A good record of extra-curricular participation also helps in bagging a good college.

Keeping these factors in mind, the Summit School is considered the Best Cbse High School in Kolkata. The school follows the educational philosophy of Swami Vivekananda who believed that education could bring light to all kinds of darkness. The school maintains an atmosphere where children grow into self-reliant individuals who understand what they want in life and are willing to put all their efforts to achieve it. If you are looking for a good school to enroll your child in, The Summit School should be your go-option. Check out their website today to know more!

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