Best Ayurvedic Medicine to Keep your Liver Healthy

September 27, 2021

You all must have heard a saying that says, “Prevention is better rather than finding a cure.” And it is true. Finding a cure to your health problems is more challenging, so we should try and prevent it. We are responsible for our bodies, and we must provide our bodies with all the nutrients required to protect us from diseases. As you all know, liver issues are dangerous and can be life-threatening. Western medicine helps cure the body to a certain extent, but it may also have side effects. On the other hand, Ayurvedic medicine is a safe and healthy way to boost your immune system. And it is a holistic approach towards a healthy lifestyle.


The liver is a delicate organ that secretes digestive enzymes, helps regulate all the chemical levels present in our blood, and detoxifies body cells. Several factors lead to liver diseases, such as excessive alcohol intake, diabetes, obesity, and they could also be hereditary. It can result in diseases like hepatitis, jaundice, liver cyst, liver cancer, and cirrhosis liver. Various Ayurvedic medicinal herbs help in keeping our liver healthy. Here is some effective ayurvedic medicine for the liver provided by Baidyanath:

·         Triphala: It is a combination of amla, harad, and behada that helps boost metabolism, boosts your immune system, and detoxifies cells.

·         Giloy:  It is a herb that improves the function of the liver, controls blood pressure, helps in detoxification, treats various liver diseases, and daily intake can control blood sugar levels.

·         Sharpunkha: It acts as a liver protector

·         Kutki: This herb is proven to be a healthy tonic for cells. It improves your appetite, enhances metabolism, helps in improving digestion, absorption, and bile production.

·         Turmeric: It acts as an antiseptic property and prevents infection. This also helps in improving the overall function of the liver and eradicates toxins from the blood.

·         Aloe-vera and neem intake also help in keeping your liver healthy. You can intake neem water or add aloe vera to your juices.

·         Punarnava: This herb helps the liver to function properly.

Most of these ayurvedic herbs are developed into capsules, powders or can be added to your tea. Along with these Ayurvedic herbs, you must maintain a balanced diet and daily exercise. Eat more fruits, green vegetables, nuts, and dried fruits, and avoid oily and spicy food. Exercise regularly to keep your body active and to maintain your weight. Yoga and meditation also help reducing stress and keeps your body relaxed. Ayurvedic medicine is one of the best and safest ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle. You can now provide your liver with all the treatment with Ayurvedic medicine that helps you improve your flexibility, stamina, and strength. But before you treat yourself with ayurvedic medicine on your own, it is advisable that your first visit an ayurvedic doctor and then take the necessary steps that you have to. But, at all costs, you must consult with your doctor beforehand and then visit an Ayurvedic physician.

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