Best 2 Choices of Construction Equipment from ACE & Invoice


Choosing the right construction equipment that helps reduce working capital and minimize operating expenses is very important. With so many competent models available, the selection of the best cranes and forklifts can become tough. 


So, here we bring you iconic, best-in-segment cranes and forklifts from ACE and Inovic to help you make rational purchases.

Top 2 Construction Equipment from Inovic & ACE


  • Inovic Crm ICE-1888

Inovic Crm ICE-1888 is one of the leading cranes. This overhead crane price is between Rs. 4 – 6 Lakh. In addition, with a max travel speed of 15 kmph, this Inovic Crm ICE-1888 crane can deliver at a faster turnaround time. Moreover, its height of 6 metres is suitable for lifting and carrying loads up to an optimal range. 


With great ground clearance and less tuning radius, this truck crane is suitable for operating even in compact sites.


  • ACE AF 30D

ACE AF 30D is a widely popular 49 bhp producing forklift, suitable for lifting up to 3000 kg heavy cargo in any commercial facility. Moreover, the 500-meter lifting height of this forklift truck helps in moving cargo without obstructing the pathways. In addition, its turning radius of 2400 mm and ground clearance of 125 mm adds to seamless drivability, even in compact spaces.

The fork length of 3960 MM and fork width of 1220/1680 mm (SS/DD) provides enough space to put in any volume of cargo. The ace forklift af30d price in India ranges from Rs. 9 to 11 Lakh in India.

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