Benefits offered by New Car Tyres

November 11, 2021

Since the road life of a tyre is heavily dependent on individual driving styles and other factors like your daily commute, the type of traffic you face, the type of roads you travel on, whether they are in a good condition or are rugged off roads. There is no way of telling how long your car tyre is going to last.

It is usually recommended by car tyre manufacturers to have your Tyres Nottingham changed every 3 to 5 years. Based on their usage they may also reach the 60,000 to 80,000kms usage before 5 years, which is usually when they start to wear out and are needed to be replaced with new tyres. But, then again, there is no sure way of putting a countdown on their lifespan which may indicate that it’s time for a replacement.

However, there exist some common signs, shared by all types of tyres that can tell you whether it’s time to buy a new set of tyres or not.

So, before diving into the benefits that new car tyres provide, let’s look at the signs indicating that you need them:

  • Worn out treads is perhaps the foremost sign anyone needs that they need to buy new tyres. All types of tyres, whether it is your luxury car tyres or a truck or bicycle tyres, come with treads. These treads are responsible for a majority of a tyre’s functions such as providing grip, helping with timely brakes or resisting aquaplaning. With time and usage, treads eventually wear out and render the tyre unable to perform all the critical functions that it should.

  • Due to the wheels being misaligned or unbalanced, tyres can also suffer from uneven wear and tear. Severe wear and tear can interfere with the stability and control that a tyre is supposed to provide and cause you to experience an uncomfortable driving experience filled with bumps or tremors.

  • Damage to a tyre’s sidewall is a serious sign as well. The sidewall of a tyre has an important role to play as it is supposed to help the tyres bear the entirety of a vehicle’s weight upon them.

  • Some signs can only be caught by a trained professional and so, if unsure, one should take their car to a trustworthy auto shop, for example, if you’ve recently been to some off-road adventures, your tyres have definitely travelled upon some harsh and rough terrains and though they may seem fine on the outside, they may have some problem with their internal mechanisms.

Benefits of New Car Tyres

It’s a wide misconception that replacing tyres can prove to be an unnecessary purchase and one should just get their old set repaired. This couldn’t be more wrong because new tyres may be a one-time purchase but they prove to be less costly than the maintenance bills that keep on getting bigger and bigger with each repair of your old set. Here are a few more benefits that new tyres usually come with:

Enhanced Safety

You may sometimes drive far and wide, whether on vacation with your family or as part of your everyday routine. Regardless, the new tyres will keep you and your companions safe when driving over long distances since they will have fresh new treads and offer you more grip and stability.

Efficient and Improved Braking

The durability of your tyres determines the distance it takes for your vehicle to come to a halt or the speed at which you can make a sharp corner. The amount of tread on your tyres and their condition will have an impact on your vehicle’s brake deployment and your new tyres have just the perfect condition of treads that can provide you with such efficiency.

Improved Fuel Economy

With new tyres, you would be able to notice a drastic change in the fuel efficiency of your vehicle as the state of your tyres may have a significant impact on your gas consumption.

Superior Vehicle Performance


For those familiar with how shoes work, you immediately go out or order new shoes when you notice the soles of your shoes are all but faded. You find yourself slipping and falling during all those basketball practise sessions, unable to stop on time and worse, having injuries due to this reason. This is pretty much similar to how the treads of your tyres work and just like how your new shoes can relieve you from all the slipping and falling haphazardly, your new Bridgestone Tyres Nottingham with their brand new treads can provide you with an enhanced and overall superior vehicle performance.

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