Beneficial for Business: Long Term or Short Term SEO

Business owners have different objectives they would like to achieve. But a common aim across all businesses is getting a return on investment (ROI). And that can only be realized through leads, conversions, and sales. The set objectives can be short term, long term, or a blend of both.

That said, deciding whether your business requires short term or long-term SEO shouldn’t be challenging at all. That is if you understand the SEO concept. As San Diego SEO experts with many years of hands-on experience, we can authoritatively affirm SEO is a continuous process. Why? Because SEO, in its entirety, relies on search engine algorithms.

What Is a Search Engine Algorithm?

You will agree that there are loads of businesses dealing in similar products and services the world over. And they all try the best they can to compete for clients. In the same way, there are millions of sites on the web striving to capture search engines’ attention. For that reason, search engines have a technique for controlling the competition for site visibility. That technique is what we refer to as a search engine algorithm.

Note that search engine algorithms keep evolving. That means the criteria used to rank sites often change. So your San Diego SEO service provider must always be alert and monitor Google and other search engines. A significant change in a search engine algorithm throws sites off their positions on search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you should you find your site missing on the first page of Google search results.

We hope the point is sinking in now, right? Look, it makes no sense abandoning your SEO project midway and hope to get an impressive ROI. Bear in mind that SEO isn’t a one-off process. Furthermore, it takes time and a lot of hard work for an SEO project to yield positive results. Trust us, no matter how long it takes, well-implemented SEO gives you fulfilling conversions and doubles your revenue.

Why Should You Think Long Term SEO for Your Business?

If your site’s objective is to get continuous and steady organic traffic, there’s no way you can do without long term SEO. We’ve already discussed the ever-changing nature of search engine algorithms. Here are other reasons why you should consider long term SEO:

Keyword Obsolesce

Keywords are core to SEO campaigns. Unfortunately, they become obsolete over time because people search for products and services on the web changes. A keyword that ranks the best now may dwindle a few months down the line resulting in your site’s low ranking. Potential clients won’t find you if you maintain outdated keywords on your site.


You are not the only one in SEO campaigns. Your competitors are striving to outshine you and get more and more clients. If you take the short term SEO trajectory, they will surely outshine you. They will be more visible than you to potential clients when your site’s ranking takes a nosedive owing to short term SEO. You don’t want that to happen to your business site, do you?

Change in SEO Technology

SEO technology is also dynamic. The technology in use today will be obsolete soon: probably a few months or years from now. So if you choose short term SEO, don’t blame your San Diego SEO service provider when the SEO techniques used on your site gets outdated, resulting in dismal Google raking.

Final Words

We hope this article puts you in a better position to make an informed decision about long term and short term SEO. Please contact us with any questions about SEO.

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