Attain knowledge about seven notable Undrafted NBA players

Unfortunately, as many people look forward to the drafting, only a few will get picked while others get left behind. It’s shocking for the number of talents that don’t get drafted. But most didn’t despair but committed themselves to excellence. And as they beat against odds to prove to others of their capabilities, they applied great work ethics that have made them the best undrafted NBA players today. So, there is a need to honor them, as we feature them here:

Bruce Bowen

Bowen started playing in the NBA at 25, and his first season was with the Miami Heat in 1996. He played one game, one block with the one-minute record. But after a 10-day contract elapsed with the team, Bowen ceased playing for the Heat. 

 Four months later, the Boston Celtics signed him up, where he played for two seasons. Then he proceeded to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers as a free agent and played for two years. There he played 29 games with the 76ers and later found himself in Chicago. After the trade went through, Bulls waived Bruce away.

And for the second time, Bruce signed again with the Miami Heat, where his breakthrough came. Finally, his defensive accomplishment got displayed. Bowen got a nod to All-Defensive Second Team after playing 82 games. That was his first three consecutive, which he achieved at 29 years old. 

Brad Miller

This guy has had one of his successful careers than any of the other undrafted NBA players. Miller started his career in Italy and made his NBA debut midway through the 1998 to 1999 season, and started his career in Italy. His first NBA team to play was the Charlotte Hornets, where he played for only two seasons. Then he jumped to the Chicago Bulls.

 However, after Brad got traded to the Indiana Pacers, he averaged 14 points and 8-rebounds in his fourth season. Then in 2003, he made his first two consecutive all-star appearances. 

Brad has played for three different teams, and only recently, he joined Minnesota Timberwolves, where he played 15 games. Miller is planning to retire after making $90 million in his 14-year career.

John Starks

Starks got lucky to start in Oklahoma State as an undrafted guard, where he played championship contender every year. But, as John played in Michael Jordan’s era, he continuously denied Starks a championship and his New York Knicks. Finally, John came close in 1994, but Houston Rockets and Haleem Olajuwon tumbled the Knicks in the NBA finals.

Alex Caruso

Caruso is one of the undrafted NBA players who got his breakout year after three seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. Finally, he solidified his place in 2018/19 when he averaged 9.2 points and 3.1 assists.

 While Alex was in Texas A&M for four years, though he was a role player, he never averaged more than 9.0 points per game. Then, however, he pulled his socks until he made the roasters for the Lakers. Caruso has become a fan’s favorite, and he sure has a long career in the NBA.

John Amaechi

Amaechi got a head-scratcher deal of $17 million contracts from the Lakers in 2000. But, instead, he chose to stay in Orlando, where he was making $600,000 per year. And this offer came just at the beginning of the Lakers run of three consecutive NBA titles. 

 Raised in Great Britain, John didn’t play basketball until he turned 17 years old. Though he got undrafted out of Penn State, Amaechi had some great moments as an NBA post player.

Kevin Ollie

Giants like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden have credited Kevin Ollie for helping them conduct themselves in their pro careers. Ollie played for 12 teams in 13 seasons and had three teams that kept him on their roster for many stints.

 Later, in 2012, Kevin got hired as the head coach at his alma mater, Connecticut. It’s during that time that he led the Huskies to a national championship in 2014. Unfortunately, Ollie got fired in 2018 for major NCAA violations. The NCAA issued him a “show cause” to keep him out of coaching for the next year.

Smush Parker

Parker is well-known from being one of the undrafted NBA playersnameless, to starting Lakers point guard. Smush became famous after waving off Kobe Bryant as they had a situation. He had insane confidence, though it wasn’t always well-conditioned. Parker’s NBA career ended in 2008, and it was short and spectacular. 

After his career was over, he played another decade worldwide with teams in Greece, China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Tunisia, Croatia, and the Dominican Republic.

In Conclusion, maybe, you didn’t know some of these big names mentioned here were undrafted NBA playersBut, they had to prove their worth by working hard until they got to the limelight. So, it’s about not giving up no matter what people think of you. 


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