Are you moving? Meet 8 types of change

September 20, 2021

The time to change need not be synonymous with panic and uncertainty. Change is also renewal. New air, new work environment, new home… Everything can be an adventure, if we look on the bright side.

 If you are about to relocate to another city, state or even country, take a look at this guide we have prepared, so you can know the different types of relocation and how to choose the best companies to do this service.

 Commercial Changes

 If your company needs another space, it is important to think about what will be taken. Choosing a staff trained and specialized in services such as packaging, document tagging and workstation assembly and disassembly can be a no-brainer.


Also pay attention to what will be taken: transporting safes, equipment and furniture require special attention and care.

 Ensuring a safe and organized move is essential, so consider preparing for the move as well – research the new building’s schedule, for example, to find out about loading and unloading.

 Residential Moves

 Home New Home! Are you moving house? Attention! There are several services to help you in this very special moment. Let’s understand more about the types of changes and costs?

 Local Changes

 These are changes that occur within the same city or metropolitan region, so it happens from one neighborhood to another. In this case, you can hire a carrier that works for a fixed price, or by the hour worked – if the distance is not great. It’s also worth researching trucks if you don’t have a large volume of things to take.

 Intercity Changes

 Moving from one city to another, within the same state. Search carriers that serve across the country, to get more varied quotes and according to your need.

 Interstate Changes

 Changes from one state to another, being different origin and destination state. This is a long-distance service that requires special care.


In these cases, it is common to need a complete change, in which the contracted company will do all the work, from transporting objects to assembly in your new home – however, this type of change, being more complex, requires a little planning and its average price tends to be higher.


International Moving

 In the case of international changes, care is even greater. Most companies specializing Best movers in New York City, make sure that the transition of your new life takes place in a safe and smooth way, as they help with the legislation on the types of luggage – therefore, it is a very high value service.

 It is very important to know the company that will transport your goods, clarify doubts about all procedures, including customs inspection of origin and destination, avoiding discomfort in international transport.

 Shared Changes

 One way to reduce the cost of moving is to opt for shared moving – considerably reducing the cost of long-distance moving, since the truck is shared with more than one customer.

 The quality of the service is the same, but beware: all goods must be previously checked, labeled and inventoried to avoid losses. In this system, the delivery time is usually longer, so be aware of the deadline stipulated by the contracted company.


 If you live in an apartment or house with stairs and some furniture, appliance, mirror or glass does not fit in your elevator, it needs to be lifted. Lifting is a technique that allows large objects to be raised or lowered on the outside of buildings or houses – request an inspection with a specialized company, to make checks before hiring the service.

How to hire a moving company?

 No need to panic when thinking about your move. We, at Changes Online, are here to help you and facilitate this very special moment.





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