Apartment For Rent: Expectations vs. Reality

February 28, 2022

Sooner or later, the vast majority of the world’s inhabitants face the need to rent an apartment. In reality, renting often turns into a lot of difficulties: tenants are in conflict with apartment owners, are faced with the need to move out in a short time, or during operation, critical flaws are revealed that make the new house unsuitable for living.

The rental market is so diverse that it can drive an unprepared person into a stupor. Moreover, both the owners of elite apartments and the owners of inexpensive housing are cast out.

Renting a good apartment in an attractive location and at an affordable price is almost the same as winning the lottery. Often the search for an apartment turns into a real test.

Even worse is when, after dozens of viewings of apartments, the desired option is found, but several unpleasant facts are suddenly revealed: debts for a communal apartment, a broken washing machine, or insects. Together with realtors, we talk about the most common tricks when renting a home.

The contract is the head of everything

The first thing realtors advise you to pay attention to is the contract. This document should not be considered as something conditional. In the event of a dispute, it is he who will help to resolve them with the least loss. The contract must be carefully read and prescribed in it all the points of interest to you – from payment to repair.

The contract is concluded in a simple written form and does not require notarization.

Before signing the contract, you need to carefully check all title documents – they must be originals, not copies.

There are times when a person says that he lives in an apartment with his mother, shows a passport with a residence permit, and notes that his mother lives in the village.

The tenants move in, and two days later my mother arrives. She reports that she does not know anything, and kicks the tenants out. That is why, when signing the contract, the presence of all homeowners or notarized consent to renting out the apartment is necessary.

Communal burden

Sometimes it happens that along with the apartment, the debts for the communal apartment are also transferred to the future tenant. It turns out that the owner is a debtor, and the tenant ends up without electricity.

The landlord refuses to pay due to lack of money, and the tenant has to make a choice: look for another apartment and incur losses, or pay off the debt and stay in this one.

Before signing the contract, you should ask for a utility bill report. If you decide to pay off the debt, make sure in writing that this amount will be deducted from the rent for the next month of residence

The promised repair has been waiting for three years

Often, when renting a home, the owner promises to fix the malfunctions in the apartment, buy household appliances and furniture. All this he undertakes to fulfill immediately after settlement. However, time passes, and the faults remain.

In order not to become a hostage of such a situation, the tenant should specify special conditions in the lease agreement. For example, the owner of the repair, as well as the timing of the fulfillment of obligations, the purchase of the necessary furniture.

Also, the verbal agreement to carry out repairs by the tenant and the obligation not to collect rent during the work is often violated. For example, you are renovating an apartment at your own expense and do not pay rent for several months.

However, some landlords “forget” about the agreements and demand payment for accommodation. Often, the parties have disagreements over the cost of finishing, and sometimes it even comes to threats to terminate the contract.

Therefore, it is imperative to discuss with the landlord all the points of repair, take them into account in the lease agreement, and also draw up an estimate and sign it.

You are no longer my friend

Often, when renting out housing to relatives or friends, a contract is not concluded. At the same time, according to realtors, many scandals and proceedings take place just between relatives and friends who accepted promises and obligations to rent in words.

Therefore, it is better to conclude a contract, even if you rent an apartment from your uncle or close friend.

There are cases when apartments are rented out by proxy, where it is indicated: the principal gives the trustee the right to rent out his apartment. But the power of attorney does not state that the trustee also has the right to receive rent.

A situation may occur: the tenant regularly pays the rent to the trusted person, but one day the owner of the housing appears and demands the tenant to pay for the past period of living in the apartment.

In this case, you should carefully study the documents, and if the power of attorney does not indicate the right to receive rent, discuss this item.

Faults later

There is a fairly common version of deception with technology. For example, when you move in, the owner says that everything works. The tenant takes his word for it, signs the act of acceptance and transfer of the apartment.

After a while, it turns out that the washing machine is not working, and the tenant is to blame. It is almost impossible to prove that the owner knew about this.

To avoid such “surprises”, you need to carefully inspect the apartment before signing the lease and insist on providing a detailed inventory of the property. A similar mechanism applies to furniture.

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