Anger Management a Must to Lead a Hasslefree Life

Today’s stressful life has taken away the peace from our minds and made us restless. With so much of burden and responsibilities piling up people lose their cool often. Unwanted competition and fear of failure is pulling people towards a more unstable state of mind that gives birth to dis[pleasure as well as anger. Uncontrolled anger can spoil your relationship and health to a larger extent. It is very important for each one of us to tame our anger so that it doesn’t become the master of our mind.

It is a normal phenomenon to get angry but when it starts affecting the people around you and can make you regret your actions later then it becomes a matter of concern. With an unmanageable anger can lead to tense muscles, rise in blood pressure, increase in heart beat, swift breathing, palpitation, trembling, and being impatient.

What occasions can make you angry?


  • When you are being ignored
  • When you get abandoned
  • When you are told you are wrong
  • When you are criticised
  • When somebody takes credit of your work
  • When somebody tell lies
  • When you are being blamed
  • When you see injustice around
  • When you remember traumatic events

How to handle the anger issues?

Managing your anger becomes crucial when it is taking a toll on your inner peace, health and relationships. It becomes very important to take care of your mental health as it is inevitable to get away from the people around or the situations you are dealing with. But how?

  • Expression:

Expressing your anger in the right manner can be of great help. It is better to pick up people whom you discuss it with and answer the questions like Why you got angry and What makes you angry? Try to  talk to a person who is the cause of your anger, people whom you trust or whom you consider your confidant.Avoid your anger being burst out irrationally on somebody else.  You can also do some exercise or you can also have a glass of water as this can really help out. 


Suppression can also help a lot in managing the anger. It is always a good option to channelize your anger into something creative or in other activities. There are many motivational speakers whom you can listen to and can turn the negative energy into something positive. The only thing that one needs to remember is that it should not turn into passive-aggressiveness that can lead to resentment.

Avoid building feelings of animosity towards others by turning the negative energy into positivity. Never bottle up your emotion it is always better to talk it out if you do not find any other option feasible or else you will end up feeling worse.

Let it subside gradually:

Before giving an irrational reaction it is always better to let it subside by giving some time to yourself. One of the measures is to do reverse counting or watching your favourite show or listening to music. You are the best person woi can manage the whole situation.  All you need to know the cause of it and try to seek it within yourself.


There are many exercises like the breathing exercise or the tension release exercise that can help you with your anger issues. You can also do yoga, or exercise meditation as it will help you take full control of yourself.

Get away from the triggers:

The best way is to distance yourself from the things and people that trigger your anger. When you are aware of the situations, people or the things that can be a cause of unnecessary tensions, or make you feel low then it is always better to keep away from it.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

It is one of the best therapies that can help you manage your anger issues. It helps you to discover negative thoughts and change them into positivity. If your anger becomes uncontrollable to an extent that it is having a negative impact on your life then the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can be really helpful. Anger management counseling can help you respond to situations in a more positive manner. This Psychotherapy needs a  therapist who is actively involved in helping you out.

How does Cognitive behaviour therapy help?

  • Learning your anger
  • Pain caused by anger
  • Stressful situations that triggers feelings of anger
  • Emotional trauma that cause anger
  • Set goals for yourself that will help you in dealing with anger gradually
  • people’s perceptions and motivations can be understood in a positive manner – misunderstanding people can be an important point that can trigger anger.
  • Recognize ways to govern your anger

Anger management therapies include many therapies that are most of the time the cause of your anger. You can easily have control over your anger that can be due to various factors getting frustrated, pain, anxiety, getting depressed, loneliness, or loss of confidence. It can help you understand the cause of your anger. Moreover, your therapist can help you with ways to deal with your anger, and how to vent it out in a positive manner so that it doesn’t impact others and most importantly you. Whether it is counselling for stress or anxiety, it all contributes positively to managing your anger and making you evolve as a better person.





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