November 9, 2021

  Do you ever wonder if your vehicle is suitable for driving on snow? There are some variables which one should consider before going on such trips.

Winter tires, as the name suggests, are designed for winters. There are some places where you cannot drive with all types of tires because of the climatic conditions. For summers, we have specially designed summer tires to absorb extra heat, and similarly, in winters, the companies manufacture winter tires. 

Winter tires have large tread blocks and unique tread patterns to perform well on wet or snowy surfaces. When snowmelt, it wets the road and increases the risk of aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is a condition in which too much water is built in the tires due to a wet surface. It leads to loss of traction and increases the risk of an accident. Winter Tyres Newark are specifically built to prevent this problem; they have more depth in their treads than other types of tires. 

However, winter tires should not be used when the temperature increases and becomes more than 7 degrees Celsius. It is because they are made with a flexible rubber compound which is very soft. There lies a risk of it becoming too hard under the sun. Therefore, winter tires should be used strictly in winters. There are lots of advantages of winter tires. These are – 



The most significant advantage of winter tires is they provide superior traction in winters. Their treads remain supple throughout the weather and hold the surface. Winter tires provide more stability than their counterparts in winters. 


A tire should have a good braking ability. This feature becomes more important when you’re driving through a slippery surface or down the mountain. Winter tires have to deal with snow and water, and thus, they come up with better braking ability. If you apply the brakes in the snow with winter Tyres Newark the car will stop at a small distance. 


As discussed, winter tires the safety of the passengers from aquaplaning, poor handling, and lo, ss of traction. They are safer than other tire types. However, it is not easy to drive on snow, and therefore, one should make sure they have the right tires. 


Winter tires last longer as they do not get damaged quickly. If you live in an area that experiences cold to mild temperatures throughout the year, you can use winter tires in all seasons. 


Winter tires are not expensive. They are your normal tires which have low cost. They also save the cost of fuel as because of their rolling resistance in winters, they consume a low amount of gas. In recent years, there has been a rise in gas prices, making winter tires a more viable option. 


Everything has some limitations. One of the major disadvantages of winter tires is that they cannot work in more than 7 degrees Celsius. It becomes a headache for someone who has a busy schedule to change the tires after every few months. Also, it increases the cost as one has to buy different tires according to different weather conditions. Therefore, people often substitute winter tires with all-season tires as they have similar advantages in winters and can be used all over the year. 


There is a law that states that one should get winter tires before November in some European nations. Every year, one has to fit winter tires for at least six months, from November to April. This law is made to ensure the safety of passengers in winters. There is a penalty for those who don’t have winter tires in these areas. On the other hand, in the UK, it is not viable to have winter tires. If one is living in harsh conditions and wants to have winter tires, he has to inform the authorities and the insurer to avoid any complications in the future. 

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