October 19, 2021

A lot of preparation goes into EDDM mailer template campaigns, whether you’re thinking about it or have done one before. This is especially true if you decide to bundle and file all of the paperwork by hand. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of time-saving EDDM® campaign suggestions.

Check to See if Your Items Meet USPS Requirements for Size

If you’re sending mail using EDDM®, you must adhere to USPS guidelines regarding size, shape, and thickness. This is a prerequisite for using EDDM® to mail your advertisements. You should familiarise yourself with the postal regulations ahead of time to avoid wasting time and money designing and printing items that will be returned.

Design your pieces with the help of templates.

Before you spend the time and energy designing your advertisement, use templates to ensure that your pieces comply with USPS regulations. Your address panel and indicia (an imprint on each mail piece indicating the postage has been pre-paid) will be properly placed because they will keep you within dimension requirements.

If you choose their services, many direct mail companies and printers will give you free EDDM® design templates or design it for you. If you’re creating your own piece, make sure to double-check the piece’s propositions against the USPS’ EDDM® size requirements before printing. 

Weigh the EDDM® Bundles that You Have

To comply with USPS rules, you must understand how to bundle EDDM® pieces. To get started, EDDM® bundles should have 50 to 100 pieces of mail in them. Use a scale instead of counting out all of your bundles one by one. Record the weight of each bundle after it has been verified that it satisfies the preceding criteria. Then, compare the weights of the remaining bundles to the weight of the initial bundle.

EDDM® Bundles can be stacked

Stack your EDDM® bundles if you don’t have a scale so you can compare them by height instead. Remember that your bundles can’t be more than six inches tall. To begin, count out one bundle according to USPS requirements. The rest of your bundles can be stacked on top of each other after that. To ensure that each bundle contains the same number of pieces, make them all the same height as the first one.

Copy the EDDM® Facing Slips for future use.

Your mail pieces cannot be processed or delivered without USPS EDDM® facing slips. Make copies of the information that doesn’t change rather than filling out a new facing slip for each bundle on your chosen route.



Even though implementing an EDDM® campaign on your own takes time, the aforementioned hints can make things go more smoothly. You can design a compliant piece if you know the mail size requirements. Making a hasty decision when it comes to packing and paperwork can save you time. Working with a full-service direct mail company or commercial printer who can handle the bundling and paperwork for you is the best way to save time on your EDDM® campaign; however

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