A Start-To-Finish Guide For Erectile Dysfunction

October 26, 2021

Erectile Dysfunction is a condition in which a man has difficulty achieving and maintaining a firm erection during sexual activity. This leads to boring sex with no pleasures, or a failure to have excellent sex.

ED affects one out of every five men, and the percentage continues to rise with age.

It’s important to keep in mind that ED has nothing to do with a lack of sexual desire. You may have adequate sexual arousal and desire, but you will be unable to get an erection. To put it another way, your body will not respond even if you have a healthy sex urge. As a result, rather than sexual excitement, you want treatment for your erection.

ED and its symptoms

Erectile Dysfunctions has some basic symptoms which include-

1) Inability of an erection

2) Erection doesn’t last long

3) Erection isn’t firm enough for a sexual intercourse

Facts about ED

As we get older, many of our body’s organs slow down, and as a result, they may not work as well as they once did. Your reproductive and sexual organs are in the same boat. Your risks of experiencing erectile dysfunction rise as you get older.

In most cases, just 5% of males under the age of 40 are affected by ED. The number of cases among men over the age of 70 has increased by 15%. While the problem is widespread and discouraging for many men, it does not mean that your sexual life has ended. With the right treatments and a comprehensive evaluation and chat with a professional doctor, your erection problems can be simply resolved. It’s also not always about your age.

Mechanism action of ED

Erection of the penis happens when the chambers of the penis are filled with blood vessels. The brain and nerve impulses that cause the blood arteries to engage and enhance blood flow start this process. Erectile Dysfunction is caused by anything that restricts blood from reaching the penis, whether it’s a hormone, a factor, or an external agent.

Factors causing Erectile Dysfunction 

Physical causes of ED

Cardiovascular diseases


High blood pressure


Parkinson’s disease

Hormonal disorders


Metabolic syndromes

Substance abuse like alcohol, smoking, and drug use

Problems in the pelvic region

Previous surgeries

Psychological causes





Lifestyle factors

Lack of physical activity

Poor diet

No work-life balance

No romantic moments with a partner

No time for yourself

Diagnosing your ED

Physical tests-

The doctor will usually ask about your symptoms as well as your medical history during physical exams. He or she may also do a physical examination if you have nerve damage or blood flow problems. They may also advise you on erection troubles, the shape of your penis, and other matters.

Lab tests-

Blood cell count, sugar levels, liver tests, and other lab tests are commonly performed by your doctor to get a comprehensive picture of your Erectile dysfunction problem. These tests are more precise and provide a more complete picture of what’s going on inside your body, as well as the improvements and therapies that are required.

Treatment of your ED

While every condition has its own set of causes and variables, the same disorder also has a set of therapies that, when followed correctly, can cure the base of the problem. Erectile dysfunction is the same way. It’s a perfectly curable condition.

Treatments include stopping smoking, abstaining from alcohol and drugs, increasing physical activity, maintaining a stress-free environment, and being cheerful. Aside from them, certain drugs efficiently treat ED and are taken by a large number of men. Cenforce 150 is one such medication.

Cenforce 150 is a drug that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men as well as pulmonary arterial hypertension. Sildenafil Citrate is the active ingredient. Men and even doctors choose Cenforce 150 since it is a high-potency dose at a low cost that can treat ED faster and more effectively.

Blood flow is crucial to the basic science of dealing with Cenforce 150. The medicine’s sildenafil citrate causes changes and releases nitric oxide and cGMP factor, which relaxes the blood vessels around the penis and ensures a stable blood flow to the penis. PDE5 inhibitors, such as Cenforce 150, are drugs that block the enzyme PDE5.

Dosage of Cenforce 150 

When it comes to Cenforce 150 dose, make sure to follow your doctor’s directions to the letter. Self-medication is not advised. Your doctor will decide whether to increase or decrease your dosage based on the state of your ED

It is suggested that you just take one dose of Cenforce 150 per day. Make sure the pill isn’t crushed, chewed, or broken. Cenforce 150 should be taken 30 minutes prior to your scheduled sexual intercourse. Only when the person is sexually stimulated can Cenforce 150 operate. The effect can last up to 5 hours, depending on the individual.

Side effects associated with Cenforce 150

  • Dizziness 

  • Digestion problems 

  • Excessive Sweating

  • Sore throat

  • Redness on the face

  • Increased blood pressure

  • Alterations in heartbeat

  • Nervousness and confusion

  • Vision problems

  • Ringing sound in the ear

  • Warnings associated with Cenforce 150 

Associated warnings

  • Children under the age of 18 should not use Cenforce 150. Before commencing the medication, pregnant or lactating women should visit their doctor.

  • Because Cenforce causes dizziness, avoid activities like driving or using machinery.

  • Cenforce 150 is a medicine that interacts with other medications. It can interfere with the effectiveness of other prescription medications, so if you’re taking any of them, talk to your doctor first.

  • Before commencing the dose, anyone with additional health issues such as liver or renal difficulties, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and so on should consult their doctor.

  • Cenforce 150 should not be consumed by people who have undergone previous operations, heart attacks, or strokes.

  • Cenforce 150 should be kept in a cold, dark, and dry environment, ideally at room temperature. Avoid exposing it to direct sunshine or high humidity. Keep your distance from youngsters.



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