A Simple Guide to Cut Quality Of Diamonds

How beautifully the diamond is cut and polished is called diamond cut. Diamond cut also refers to the proportions, depth, and Symmetry of diamond. Diamond cut impacts the beauty and brilliance of the diamond. The sign of a well-cut diamond is its light. One can say that a diamond cut is not up to mark if it seems dull. The beauty and value of a diamond will depend on the way the diamond gets cut. The quality of diamond cut ranges from poor to excellent. It relies on several factors like polish, fire, brilliance, and Symmetry. Diamond’s polish and Symmetry are of utmost importance in determining the quality of a diamond cut.

Qualities of diamond cut

Poorly cut diamonds yield no sparkle.

  • Fair cut diamonds yield a small amount of brilliance. 
  • Good quality cut diamonds are those which depict sparkle and brilliance. 
  • Extraordinary brilliance and fire get highlighted when the diamonds get cut perfectly. 
  • Excellent cut diamonds are those which provide the supreme level of brilliance and fire. 
  • Best quality is ensured only by the ideal cut diamonds.

 Factors influencing diamond cut

Light– Diamond cut is affected by several factors. The first factor which influences the diamond cut is the light. Light affects the diamond cut in terms of reflection, refraction, and dispersion. 

Depth- Second thing which impacts the diamond cut after light is the diamond’s depth. The height of a diamond from top to bottom has defined as the depth of the diamond. It determines the quality of the diamond cut. The numerous diamonds, like ideal cut diamond, shallow cut diamond, and deep cut diamond, affects diamond’s depth.

Polish and Symmetry- Polish and Symmetry of the diamond also influences the diamond cut. It’s polished, and Symmetry determines the cut quality of a diamond. A diamond with a proper symmetry will have balanced facets. Diamond will display less sparkle if it is inappropriate.

Diamond calculator

Diamond calculator is a device which helps the customers in calculating the prices of diamond according to the type of diamond they wish to purchase. These days diamonds are available in different shapes like round, square, heart, rectangle, oval, triangle, and many more. The prices of diamonds keep on fluctuating. In such situations, a diamond calculator is of utmost importance. The diamond calculator calculates a diamond’s worth according to its clarity, color, and weight. The cut quality of a diamond also determines its price. Diamond price calculator presents the range of costs depending upon the material of a diamond along with other things. Diamond calculator is a device that guides you during your decision-making process by calculating the prices. It is an online device, and you can access it by sitting in the home’s comfort. 


 Diamonds are a considerable investment. One must look into the quality of a diamond before making such a decision. To evaluate the price of a diamond accurately, one must use a diamond calculator. Prices vary depending upon the diamond’s shape and cut. Alex and company have helped the customers view the prices online with the help of a diamond calculator. Diamond calculator also ensures transparency in the system. 


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