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March 16, 2022

Keep Motivated – While everyone is initially motivated to start a fitness program, many soon realize that it is much more difficult than they expected. It is hard to get fit, but it is worth the effort. There are many ways to stay motivated and commit. I have tried many. These are some tips to keep you on track.

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Get quick results. This is what everyone wants, but it’s important to get started quickly so that momentum doesn’t wane. You may lose a few pounds, drop a size or complete a workout without stopping. You can be realistic, but you should have a goal that you are aiming for to make you feel successful and motivate you to keep going.

Learn about staying fit. This can be a great motivator because it gives you many success stories and offers many ideas for achieving your goals. Take the time to read an article or magazine about your favorite exercise or healthy food. It will be amazing how much more engaged you can become.

Gets your sweat flowing. A workout that does not do this for me leaves me feeling empty. It activates the key elements that make exercise so powerful. It helps you burn calories, strengthen your heart and cardio system, as well as release endorphins that make you feel great. You’ll see!

Never settle- Set, Reset, and Reset your Personal Best (Personal Best). It’s a great way to keep your game alive. You can run that mile faster, do more reps, get more sets, perform better form, and take longer strides. You can keep going. You can be your greatest competitor and competition is the best way to motivate the heart. Get out there and have fun! You’ll enjoy it.

Be as flexible as you can. We all have limitations and often use them to stop us from completing our exercise routines. We can all use time, stress, fatigue, and aches as excuses to stop or divert from a program. Do not allow this to happen. Try to do at least one thing if you feel like giving in to any of these temptations. You can do at least half or even 1/3 of a workout. (10 minutes? Do not go too fast or intense. You can give yourself a break without giving up. It may surprise you to realize that if you convince yourself to get started, it will make you more motivated to work harder during your workout.

Avoid temptation. This is something that I have seen in my life. This can be either being forced to eat in a difficult food situation or being encouraged to cheat by others, even though they understand your feelings about sticking to your diet. You will feel guilty if you give in to either of these temptations. This can increase your chances of cheating. Negative feelings of guilt can be very powerful and can lead to a vicious cycle that leads to more cheating. This first one is easier to manage if you plan around it or modify the food portions so that they meet your nutritional requirements. If you find yourself in this position often, make a plan. You can either defend your position on cheating or make a plan for how you will deal with it. You could use it as a cheat meal, make up for it the next day, or adjust the portions to minimize the damage.

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Maintain a support network. You can call on your family, friends, or social networks for support. You need someone to confide in and offer support. It works wonders at the beginning.

People who compete in bodybuilding and physique competitions are a common topic of conversation. These are sports I love and respect. These sports have many amazing athletes, and they hold a special place in my heart. They are some of my favourite personalities and best friends. These people are often incorrectly viewed as the ultimate symbol for the fitness lifestyle by most people, but not athletes. Although there are exceptions, I can assure you that the majority of cases are not like this. This is what I experienced for most of my adult life, so I understand exactly what I am talking about.

My experience shows that most of these people only engage with fitness lifestyle activities when they have to prepare for a competition. Many of these people won’t train for weeks and then binge eat, gorging on food, and then they will start extreme diets to prepare for the show. A majority of these people, including myself, only exercise and eat clean at different times during the year.

The weight fluctuations, steroid abuse, and changing dietary habits can all lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. After the competition phase is over, many of these people become recreational exercisers and suffer from the same fitness issues as the rest of us. Sport is an excellent way to stay fit and enjoy your life. However, it’s important to make sure that you have lifestyle habits that will last beyond the days of competition. This is something I have struggled with for many years.

It’s going to be a long ride

Being fit for life means being aware of your body’s weaknesses and creating a lifestyle that will improve and sustain them. It’s that easy. It is not about getting ripped for summer and then gaining all the weight back in fall. There are times when someone who is fit may choose to improve their fitness or take on a new challenge. But the point is that there is no stopping.

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There are times, days, and meals when we do things that are not in line with our fitness beliefs or lives. These are exceptions, not the norm. These are temporary events that are worth it and allow us to live a little differently from the norm.

Some examples may be:

Enjoying cake with your child on their special day – There are many benefits to this.

Drinking with an old friend is a great way to meet up. Friends are priceless.

You can’t replace cultural experiences and the food and drink they offer.

You are challenged to look at your lifestyle and find ways to make it more healthy. You can do it! You have the choice to live a healthy lifestyle.

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