The term ” bangles ” is derived from the Latin word “brachium,” which originally meant “arm.” However, that is not when the bracelet was initially found. Someone first discovered that wearing a vine around the wrist can look attractive in the Stone Age. bangles was the initial name for bangles. The history of bangles may be traced to Asian, Greek, and European cultures. Originally constructed of grass, tiny tree branches, and shells, they have developed to be made of plastic, brass, copper, and other metals like gold and platinum.

When manufacturers began using less expensive materials and creating bangles with a stylish appearance, the bracelet fad took off. Not only are bangles a popular accessory, but they also elevate your appearance and attire. There are many different bangles available nowadays. If you plan to wear one of these wristbands, you must be aware of them. Here is a guide to assist you in selecting a bracelet from a number of options to go with your various outfits.


The nicest thing about these bangles acelets is how worn-out, antique, and aged they appear to be. Silver used in oxidised bangles  is oxidised using a variety of chemicals. Oxidised bangles go well with summer or travel attire. They could have illogical patterns and designs, but we advise you to pick something simple and respectable.

At swarajshop, we have a huge selection of oxidised bangles. Choose your favourite and style it to fit your mood.


costly and elegant. These bangles are fashioned with pricey diamonds and gemstones to give them a rare and opulent appearance. Although these bangles may be modified, doing so would be quite expensive. These bangles may be distinguished by the fact that they are unique and unlike any other. These might vary in size, but they are always distinct. If you have any of these designer bangles, save them for special occasions only to preserve their rarity. To display them at the nighttime celebrations, pair them with your pricey ball gowns and designer outfits.

You merit better. We at swarajshop know that you would adore having several designer bangles in your collection. These bangles are far more affordable, of excellent quality, and give you the same opulent appearance.


bangles often have one line of slender, classy-looking jewellery with diamonds. Tennis bangles include tiny diamonds that sparkle and gleam. You can simply discover a bracelet that suits you because they range in price to fit your budget. Check out our tennis bangles, which you can wear with your regular attire and to parties, the office, college, etc., and which will make you appear just as attractive.


comprises chain links These bangles are stylish and come in a range of sizes. The bangles are elegant and go well with most ethnic clothing. Gold, silver, platinum, and other metals are used to make chain bangles, but we also offer fashionable chain bangles that are both budget- and fashion-friendly. Additionally, because they are all adaptable, they accommodate practically any wrist size. Don’t you think this bracelet would be a great addition to your jewellery collection?


Cuff bangles are thick, broad bangles that resemble bangles. They are cosy on your hand and feature a little aperture that makes it simple to slip them on. They are available with a range of finish materials, including leather, plastic, and metal. These bangles go well with contemporary attire. Check out the oxidised selection at swarajshop for cuff bangles; we know that sometimes you’ll want to throw one on while you’re rushing to go to the workplace, and cuff bangles are your go-to choice.


Delicate bangles are slender, one-line, and delicate, as their name indicates. These bangles are created from silver and gold. These bangles have a delicate, slender appearance that sets them apart from the competition. These bangles seem quite stylish and sophisticated despite being casual. These bangles have diamonds and jewels in some of their designs. These may be paired with your pricey, sophisticated attire, but you must treat them gently because they are delicate. We provide a large selection of delicate bangles, including diamond work and moti bangles.


Sikhs in India wear bangles called kadas. This bracelet represents strength and faith. It is also used as a piece of fashion jewellery. The sizes of Kada bangles vary for both men and women.Most of them have loose ends and are quite plain and straightforward. Kada bangles may be worn with both contemporary and traditional attire and still look stunning.

Here are seven different bracelet kinds that you may use with any outfit to make a fashion statement. Visit swarajshop to add this piece of artificial jewellery online to your collection now. We have selected bangles to go with all of your different outfits.

Here are seven different bracelet kinds that you may use with any outfit to make a fashion statement. Visit swarajshop to add this piece of jewellery to your collection now. We have selected bangles to go with all of your different outfits.

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